My Week In Images

This hummingbird....

 because even though he is a bully and chases away other hummingbirds, he is still beautiful.

This dear friend....

who encourages me when I am down, makes me laugh, and is my co-teacher in our little co-op.

This beautiful sunset.....

because the soft colors remind me of the coming fall.

This 14 year old girl....

who brings such joy to my heart.


  1. OK, just what is that amazing dessert that K is blowing out? It looks marvelous! I really liked your sunset photo. I frequently look at the clouds and the sky and that is just gorgeous!

    Love you!

  2. It is a Double Chocolate Trifle. I wrote about it here:

    And I love the sunsets too! Fall brings such beautiful ones, since we get more of the clouds. Love you too, my friend! <3

  3. What a wonderful week! It's nice to remember our blessings. I love hummingbirds! Happy bday to your daughter!


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