Monday Musings (On a Tuesday)

What I'm thinking: That we had a great time this last weekend beach camping. We went with another family and camped three nights on the Pacific coast. Between the two of our families, there were 14 children, from ages 7 to 21. We had a super fun (and crazy) time.

What I'm listening to: Well we are home now guessed it, I am hearing my laundry going, cleaning all those clothes from our trip.

What we're learning: This week we are just plugging along in school...the older ones are really enjoying No-Nonsense Algebra and I am thankful that they are understanding it.

What's cooking: This week I am making Chicken Fried Rice, Monte Cristo Sandwiches, and our usual homemade pizza on Friday.

What I'm thankful for: I am so thankful for the beauty that God has given us in Creation. Last week, walking on the beach at twilight and watching the stars come out, was one of the most beautiful things I can remember.

What I'm planning: I am planning French lessons for our co-op tomorrow. I am reviewing a fun, online French program for The Crew and I want to integrate it into our lessons tomorrow.

What we did this last weekend: We were camping on the beach for a few days, and visited a sister church of ours on Sunday. Then we spent an evening with My Sweetie's mom (Obachan) and then we spent a day at my dad's house. And now we are home. :-)

What I'm looking forward to: I am looking forward to our co-op tomorrow, sleeping in my own bed tonight, and getting back into the regular schedule of life.

A picture to share:

~A gaggle of kids on the beach. (Three of them were missing.)


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