Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That I am going to miss summer. Already it seems that it is getting light later in the morning and that the sun is setting earlier. Today it is a hot one here (101 degrees), so I am savoring my favorite weather.

What I'm listening to: The laundry going upstairs. Yes, it is a Monday.

What we're learning: School is now in full swing. This week the older ones are learning about Robert Boyle in chemistry and the Middle Kingdom in ancient Egypt. The girls are enjoying Reading Kingdom and are plugging along in their phonics books.

What I'm watching: The US Open is finishing up today...we taped it all last week during the day and then watched it in the evenings. And we even had most of the kiddos interested too.

What's cooking: This week I am making a couple of things in the crock pot....Teriyaki Chicken and Falafels. I'll also be making a Japanese dish called Tonkatsu and as usual, homemade pizza on Friday night.

What I'm buying: Well, we are going out later today to buy 75 hot dogs, 50 cans of soda, and other condiments. Mr. Lego is on the California Avian Bowl Team and they are going to nationals in Kentucky in November. He has received gift cards from a few grocery stores and so we are having a hot dog fundraising dinner this week at our 4H club meeting.

What I'm creating: I have two reviews to write, plus I still need to come up with a schedule for the Communication Project I am leading this year in 4H. Today is going to be busy....

What I'm praying: There are people in our congregation who are struggling with either illness, injury, or post surgery healing, and I am praying for God's mercy and peace as they go through this week.

What we did this last weekend: Saturday we went through all the bedrooms and took 4 big bags to Goodwill. The kids are getting older and we are transitioning out of plastic food toys and dolls. Saturday evening we were inspired by the US Open and went to play worked really well with Mr. Lego and I on one side and My Sweetie on the other. Yesterday was church and then we went to the assisted living center for their service. Then home with friends for bean burritos and games.

What I'm looking forward to: I am looking forward to our 4H meeting this week, not only do we have the hot dog dinner and club meeting, but all of the officers are leading an interactive orientation. I am also looking forward to co-op...we will be getting into writing assignments for the older kids.

A picture to share:

~The first day of school in September 2009. Crazy how the school room has changed. And crazy how quickly they have grown.


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