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We usually take a break from school from about the middle of July through Labor Day. I do love this time; we usually take a couple of small trips, let the kids sleep in, watch a movie every now and then, and I plan school for the coming year. But the kids can get bored pretty easily.

And that is where this fun Notebooking unit from In the Hands of a Child comes in.

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What It Is:

I received to review a Notebooking unit titled World Governments. Meant for grades 8th through 12th, this overview of world governments is perfect to do during a school break, since it only takes 5 days to complete.

First off, what is Notebooking? To put it simply, notebooking is a way to show, in written and illustrated ways, what you have learned. These pages can be looked at in future times to review and remember what was taught. Basically Notebooking is like a lapbook, but without the cutting and gluing. You can see more about Notebooking here.

When your child completes World Governments, they will have learned about:

  • Powers and Roles of Government
  • Types of Government
  • Limited and Unlimited Government
  • International Organizations

In addition, there are sections that focus on democracy, dictatorship, monarchy, and republics. Each section of the unit has information to read, activities to do, and vocabulary to learn. Some of the vocabulary words taught are arbitrator, hierarchy, immigration, and theocracy.

Each day your child will have a section of the guide to read which is between 1 and 3 pages in length. They will then complete the activities for that day. These are located in the back of the unit. Each activity uses a fill-in-the-blank model; some of these asked them to define words, compare leaders, or answer questions based on the reading. There is a convenient 5-day schedule in the front of the unit which makes it easy for independent learning.

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What You Get:

World Governments is sold in a pdf format; it is approximately 50 pages long and easily reproducible. It is usually sold for $12.00, but right now (at the time of this review) they are having an incredible sale and you can purchase World Governments for only $5.00. This is an amazing deal, and I encourage you to take advantage of this great price. You can also download a sample of the unit here as well.

What We Thought:

I gave this to my two older children to do. They are 13 and 16 years old, and I gave this to them to do independently. The first day though, we did sit down together and look over all the material. I had them be responsible for copying the appropriate activities and putting them into their notebooks. They went at their own pace, and each afternoon showed me their progress, by what they had put in their notebooks. They spent between 30 minutes to an hour doing this each morning; if I had wanted to I could have assigned a couple of suggested extension activities that asked for further research.

One of the activities that they enjoyed was comparing democracy to a dictatorship. That afternoon we had a good discussion about dictatorship; one child thought that having someone who was completely in charge was a good thing, and would unify a nation. That led us into talking about sinfulness, and the greediness of power. We talked specifically about historical dictators in the unit, such as Hitler and Mussolini, and we all came away with a profound thankfulness for where we live.

I really liked how the unit was set up; this was truly an overview of government and was very beneficial to my children. The one thing that was a little confusing was that the activity page were in a separate part of the unit than the reading sections; this meant there was a little more work finding the accompanying worksheets, but with a little help my kids did fine. I also liked that I could give them the printed schedule and let them independently go through the unit; it gave my older ones something productive to do during our school break and also gave us some great family discussions too.

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