Camping: Eating, Playing, Bridge Jumping

We just finished up our 2013 church camping trip.

We did all the normal stuff....played games, found dirt in the coffee mugs, were woken up on a deflated air mattress (seems to happen every year), didn't see any bears, made our famous Camp Donuts, and otherwise had an uneventful trip.

My two friends and I do most of our meals together, and this year we had an incredible tri-tip dinner one night.

My fellow camping buddies...

There were late night games.....

And early morning ones.

We would gather in the mid-morning for hymn singing and our devotional....

And each night there was a bonfire for the s'mores.

And in the afternoon we headed to the lake.

And to the bridge.

Remember the first year we were here and I took my own little leap of faith?

Well this year, we had three more people in our family do the jump.

First up was Bookworm.

Such a good daughter, making sure I was ready with the camera.

Down, down, down.

And all smiles at the bottom.

This year, the water was at the lowest it had ever been and this was probably a 30 feet jump.

Next up was Dasher.

She had an interesting technique and kept her eyes closed the whole way down.

And apparently jumping once wasn't enough, because they both headed back up to do it again.

Then I felt a little tug on my swim suit and Nutsy was standing there.

"You wouldn't let me jump, would you, Mama?"

Oh my.

My littlest, my baby, wanted to jump off of the bridge.

So off she went to the top, while My Sweetie went in the water to wait for her at the bottom.

Hmmm, it is higher than it looks.

Maybe she is having second thoughts.

And then her friend got out there with her.

People, this thing is high.

And my baby, was standing on the edge.

And then she jumped.

She had done it.

And what was super amazing? She only stood at the top for about 5 minutes.
I guess My Sweetie and I are raising some incredibly adventurous kiddos.
We have also passed the daredevil torch in a sense; neither of us jumped this year, but were content to watch the younger generation take the plunge.
And that was the camping trip.
Lots of great fellowship, bravery, yummy food, and good memories.


  1. Great post, Charlotte! We did have a great time!



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