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There is beauty in a family who honors earlier generations by asking them for advice and wisdom. I desire that for my family, and appreciate, not just my own heritage, but hearing about others as well. And this is exactly what Dianne Flynn Keith does in her book Papa's Pearls.

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What It Is and What You Get:

Mrs. Keith's father, Carol Joseph Flynn, was born in 1922 in San Francisco. He lived through the depression, struggled with authority and had a couple of brushes with the law, but then used those times in his life to show his children how to make the best of your circumstances and succeed in life.

This book is full of stories, both of Mrs. Keith's as a child with Papa, and also his stories, from his younger years as he found himself in the middle of The New Deal and World War II. Through the pages you will find bits and pieces of good advice; the importance of 'street smarts', the need for human touch and affection, and being encouraged to not let the hard things in life drag you down.

In one story, the author relates how encouraging her father when she would try new things. He believed that can't wasn't a word and would tell her that the process was more important than the outcome. His encouragement helped her through life and gave her the courage to brush things off and keep trying.

Other stories include ones from Papa's plumber years, how he dealt with his own children when they made foolish decision, and how he interacted and influenced his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

The soft-back book is easy to read. It is sold for $21.97 on the website. This includes shipping and is also autographed by the author. This book could be read aloud during family time, given to older children to read on their own, or be used as an encouraging book for parents.

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How I Used It And What I Thought:

The complete title of the book is Papa's Pearls: A Father's Gift of Love and Wisdom to His Children and Grandchildren. Mrs. Keith's desire in compiling this book was to preserve her father's advice and insight, and by publishing this book we get to benefit from his wisdom as well.

I read this book myself, and appreciated the lessons that were given. I began reading it, thinking I would preview it to read to the children. But after finishing it, I realized that I was the one who needed to read the book and take Papa's advice to heart. I was impressed by how he reacted to his children. How his first response wasn't anger, judgment, or impatience, but how he gave mercy, used gentle words to make his point, and showed his family, by his actions, how much he loved them.

This is something every parent needs to read and be reminded of; so many times I am quick to hotly answer my children and impatient with the little things. I was reminded in this book to encourage them, push them when they needed inspiration, and most importantly, to remind them that I loved them.

I would recommend this as a read-aloud to children of all ages, and an excellent book that can be read independently by those ages 10 and up.

Other members of the Crew read this treasure; check it out by clicking below.


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  1. Thanks so much for your review of "Papa's Pearls," Charlotte. I especially liked your comment about your children, "I was reminded in this book to encourage them, push them when they needed inspiration, and most importantly, to remind them that I loved them." That's what it's all about. :) I thought you might like to know that I'm having a Papa's Pearls Father's Day Contest - the prize is a $50 Gift Card to Amazon. Get the details here: Thanks, again!

  2. Thanks for commenting, Diane! I really did enjoy the book. And thanks also for the info about your contest.


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