Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That fair week has finally arrived! We go tomorrow to set up our stalls and then Wednesday we bring in our animals. Then it is 5 straight days of early mornings, competitions, fun, and excitement.

What I'm reading: This last week I started reading Cheaper by the Dozen by Frank Gilbreth Jr. and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey. It is a fun story about a family of 14 who lived in the early 1900's. I don't think I am going to finish it this week though...

What we're learning: Well the kids are trying to cram all their rabbit questions into their brains...there is also a champion challenge knowledge competition this year at our fair so they are studying all about beef, swine anatomy, and sheep digestive systems. Even though the fair is fun, we still do lots of learning.

What's cooking: I am so thankful we can bring our own food into the fair. We mostly live on sandwiches and snacks, but our family does have the tradition of bringing in pizzas on Friday night.

What I'm buying: I need to go get some last minute food items, and depending on the number of stalls we get for our goat project I might need to run out and get more stuff to decorate with.

What I'm praying: I am praying that this week would go smoothly. That everyone would be kept safe and we would do all for God's glory.

What we did this last weekend: We all helped to wash windows on Saturday....except Mr. Lego who worked a shift at the grocery store. Saturday night we introduced the kids to Star Trek with the watching of The Wrath of Khan. I think they like Star Wars better. Sunday we went to church and then over to a friends house for some yummy food. Then back for evening worship.

What I'm looking forward to: Even though this is a crazy time, I am looking forward to this week. It is fun to watch the kids compete, see the life lessons they learn, and hang out with the animals.

A picture to share:

~This has been our life the last 2 months...if all goes well these goats will get auctioned off this Sunday.


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