Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That I just don't get the time change. It was dark this morning when I had to wake up, and I will just tell you right now that trying to peel my eyelids open when it is still dusky outside is next to impossible.

What I'm reading: We are really enjoying My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell. Here is a typical sentence from the book:
Eventually the warm wind and the rain of winter seemed to polish the sky, so that when January arrived it shone clear, tender blue; the same blue as that of the tiny flames that devoured the olive logs in the charcoal pits.
I love reading books that read like this; full of vivid descriptions and rich vocabulary.

What I'm listening to: Right now Mr. Lego has all of us listening to David Garrett. He is a very talented violinist that likes to play robust music....I usually put him on when we are cleaning the house.

What we're learning: This week we are finishing up our chapter on the digestive system in science; I am reviewing this cool online science resource and we are finding experiments to do to help us learn more about our bodies. Nutsy finished her first Explode the Code book, and Dasher is really enjoying an Astronomy unit study we are doing.

What's cooking: Tonight I am making Cheesy Chicken Chowder. On the menu later this week is Vegetarian Curry, Donburi,  and on Thursday I'm planning to pull a couple of jars of my Roasted Tomato and Eggplant Sauce out of the freezer, which I'll mix some sauteed Italian sausage into and serve over pasta.

What I'm thankful for: I am really thankful for the cup of coffee I am sipping right now. Like I said earlier, I am seriously struggling with the time change.

What I'm planning: In the next couple of weeks I am planning to start a monthly photo post on my blog. I really love photography, but I need keep working at it and experimenting with my camera. Plus I need to figure out how to put those watermarks thingys on my photos too...

What we did this last weekend: We had a nice quiet weekend. We took a couple of walks, ate yummy food, and played with the kids. Sunday after church we all walked to a park where there was lots of basketball-playing and rollerblade-skating. Then my Sweetie and I had a ping-pong tournament which was super don't need to ask; the person who always wins won, and it wasn't me. :-)

What I'm looking forward to: We have co-op this week and we are starting over in history at the beginning. My dear friend Kate will do a brief overview of creation and then dive right into Egyptian and early Bible history. And then this next Saturday we get our meat goats which is the beginning of another 4H animal adventure....

A picture to share:

~This was what happened this last week when the girls found my bag of pillow-filler in my big sewing box...


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