Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That the older two did a great job at our 4H county presentation day. Bookworm got a gold and Mr. Lego got a blue....the judges kick it up a notch for seniors and do expect them to excel, which is as it should be. Sectionals are in a month and so Bookworm is fine tuning her speech...

What I'm listening to: The shower going upstairs, little girls stirring in their room, a boy eating breakfast in the kitchen.

What we're learning: This week the older two are wrapping up their literature unit on The Hobbit, I am doing an Astronomy unit study with the younger girls, and we are learning about the respiratory system in science.

What I'm watching: The rain clouds rolling in. We are going to have a couple of days of rain this week; we are a little behind on our rain totals and can definitely use it.

What's cooking: This week is a crock pot week as I have two dishes I am making in it: Chile Pork Verde and Sweet and Sour Tofu. Other things I am making? Cheesy Penne Pasta with baked sweet potatoes and Butternut Squash soup.

What I'm buying: I need to go out on the next couple of days and buy some bread. At co-op this week, we are having home-grown and home-made grilled cheddar cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. Yummm.

What I'm creating: I was hoping to get out and do some seed planting this week, but we have rain coming tomorrow. But I can at least get some seeds and fertilizer and plan it out.

What I'm planning: To use my SLR camera more. It has been sitting in its case for a couple of months now, and I need to get it out and use it at least once a week.

What we did this last weekend: We went to presentation day in the morning; I judged a room full of Interpretive Readings and My Sweetie judged Illustrated Talks and Demonstrations. Home to do stuff around the house and Chicken Spinach Quesadillas. Yesterday we went to church and heard a convicting sermon on prayer, then Sunday school and our monthly fellowship meal. Then over to the assisted living center for a devotional service, then to my dear friends' house for fellowship and games.

What I'm looking forward to: We have a 4H poultry meeting tonight, and the officers meeting tomorrow night. Co-op is at my friend's farm this week, and we have a quiet weekend ahead.

A picture to share:

~Mr. Lego and Bookworm at Presentation Day


  1. I'm planning to use my camera more as well! I actually saw a book at Costco that takes you step by step through each button and "action" and my goal for this summer is to read it and learn :)

  2. That is a cool idea Stef! You could even blog about it and share your pictures.... :-)

    What kind of camera do you have?

  3. Love that photo! :D

    Can't wait until tomorrow!


  4. Fellow crew member stopping by! Sounds like you have been busy. I so wish I had a green thumb. My husband wants to start a garden when we move into the new house. What kind of camera do you have? We have a Canon 40D - I love it! It is old and I am still trying to figure it out. Have a blessed day!

  5. Thanks for stopping by! And I don't have much of a green veggie gardens never seem to produce that much. But every year I try!

    I have a Nikon D5100 and D50 and really enjoy it. I am not too familiar with Canon but my friend has one. It's funny how when you start with one brand you kind of stick with it. :-)

    Have a blessed week!


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