Merry and Pippin

It's goat season again.

You would think that not making weight last year in our county fair market goat competition would deter us, but no, we have swallowed those crazy pills once again and are taking not one, but TWO goats to fair this year.

One for Mr. Lego and one for Bookworm.

And we are a bit smarter... this year we made sure we bought a whether (instead of a doe like last year), and we found a decent goat farm, where the breeder had them on pellet feed in a pen, instead of out in a huge field on pasture only.

But first we had to catch them.

A few weeks ago we came out here and picked out our goats. They were still not completely weaned then so they stayed with their Momma's for a bit longer, but now they were ready.

Bookworm found hers....

...and caught him.

Meet Merry.

Everyone helping, trying to pick out Mr. Lego's goat....except me of course, I had to document the occasion. :-)

The Momma goats were friendly and would come up for a scratch on the head.

 Even Nutsy got in on the action.

Goats, goats everywhere.... the poor things didn't know what to do with me; I would stand right in the middle of the herd while the rest of my family corralled them around, trying to find the right one.


Meet Pippin.

Before we left we got a booster vaccine, lice treatment, and instructions from the breeder.

Come on cute, wittle guy!

We got them into the carriers and then home with no incident, unlike last year's fiasco, where we had a wild goat running through an elementary school.

So the 2013 goat adventure begins. They are staying not too far from us at our friend's house, and the kids will be able to go a couple of times a week to feed them, work with them, and train them.


  1. Yay!! So fun. How big will they get?


  2. Kate, they have to hit 60 pounds and cannot go over 115. I think we will make it this year.... :-)


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