Visiting Family and San Francisco

 After Christmas, we headed to the Bay Area to visit both sides of our family. First stop was my old house where Grandma and Grandpa still live.

We were greeted with a delicious brunch.

 After visiting and opening gifts we took a nice walk, in between a couple of rain showers.

It was a short visit, but very fun to see them again.

Nutsy and Bookworm with Grandpa.

Next stop was to visit Obachan (Japanese for Grandma), Auntie L, Uncle R, and the cousins.

And every year after the gifts are open we all hoard the wrapping paper, make it into balls, and have a paper war.

Dinner was Obachan's Sukiyaki. Yummy.

Here is Nutsy, cuddling with Obachan while we were watching Elf.

A late night game of Scrabble. (I like playing it this way, but do prefer Speed Scrabble.)

The next day we were off to San Francisco and our favorite beach there, Baker Beach.

The view is incredible.

Obachan came with us this year, and we enjoyed a picnic lunch of maki, potato salad and ham.

Nutsy with her plate.

My Sweetie and his Momma.

The waves were impressive this year; the kids love making sandcastles and writing things in the sand.

Next stop was Japantown.

And wouldn't you just know it, they were sold out of Taiyaki again. This is the second year in a row that they have been sold out.....I think there is a conspiracy somewhere...

But I made up for my Taiyaki loss by getting a Green Tea Boba. The next best thing.

Walking through Japantown with Obachan....

Each year we go to the Daiso shop and the kids get to pick out a rice bowl. I love all the small dishes they have...

It was such a beautiful day!

Obachan found this really neat place, tucked away on the first floor that had really authentic Anmitsu.

Green Tea ice cream, mochi, azuki sweet beans, fruit, and jelly. So yummy.

 And the last stop our family makes, pretty much every time we are in SF, is to Fisherman's Wharf. We get a loaf of sourdough at Boudin and a pint of clam chowder from the wharf and dig in.

We are so blessed to live so close to our family, and blessed to be able to visit such a beautiful and unique city.


  1. What a wonderful family tradition! I'm so glad you all enjoyed yourselves. We loved spending time with you Sat night, and I want to get together more often to make sushi!


  2. We had so much fun with you too! And we should do a Japanese feast one night. Love you, friend. :-)


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