Gingerbread House Day

We have worked hard so far this year in our homeschooling co-op....learning about the planets, writing reports, reading about WWII, preparing presentations and poster boards, learning how to sing in parts, and becoming more familiar with some of the hymns in our hymnal.

So yesterday we decided to have a fun day and had our first ever, gingerbread-making day at co-op.

None of us moms felt like actually baking gingerbread, so we resorted to graham crackers.

With store bought frosting.

And tons of candy.

 They took this quite seriously and worked hard.

Four very cute little house-builders.

The three moms were in the kitchen preparing goodies.....

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls.....

Country-Style Potatoes....

....and Ham Quiches.

After brunch the kids were about are some of their final creations.

Now who is going to clean all this up?


  1. LoVe! This was a great day! :)


  2. It was such a good day! We needed the break. :-)

    Love you, friend.


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