This Week At Our House

I have been taking a bit of a break from blogging...with The Crew being on our review break, I have enjoyed giving my hands and brain a rest. But the grandparents have been asking for a picture update of our happenings, and so her is our last week or so, mostly in photos.

First off, we went a couple of days before Thanksgiving to help out with a local food bank passing out food.

Here is Mr. Lego, helping to sort potatoes and onions.

We also had a goat meeting for 4-H another morning....we learned about all the goat breeds and how to milk a goat.

We have friends that have dairy goats and every time we go, Bookworm likes to help them with their milking. My farm girl.....

Next thing up? Thanksgiving.

My two helpers making the stuffing....

I had to stick this photo in here....this is one of two dishes we make with Cool Whip (I am grossed out by the stuff). It's ambrosia, without the coconut. And my family relishes it.

Our feast.

 (I need to figure out how to work the timer on my camera....)

The next day was Apple Hill day.

The best Apple Donuts are at Rainbow Orchards.

Then we went to the Kid's Inc. farm for our picnic lunch.....

...and a walk through the orchards by the stream.

Me and two of my girlies.

We were very happy to have Obachan (Grandma) with us for a couple of days.

Then back home to decorate the tree.

 This last Wednesday we met for co-op... my friend Kate is talking about the Japanese internment camps. (My kids found it interesting that if we would have been alive 60 years ago they themselves would have had to move there, being a quarter Japanese themselves.) She also talked about D-Day and the strategy the Allies used to attack.

Good friends.

And a busy, yet profitable week!


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