Just another normal week here....doing school, washing dishes, folding laundry.

I saw a cool idea on Pinterest and shock of all shockers, I actually tried it! (I am one of those people that pins like crazy but never does anything.)

This was my stove halfway through the week...see the difference between the sides? The left side was the dirty side, and the right one was after I had done some magic. The reason why I did it in stages? Well I use my stove every day and the cleaning technique takes 12-18 hours of "soaking" but literally takes only 5 minutes to gently rub all the yucky off. Seriously easy!

We had a good school week...Nutsy and I are reviewing a new language arts program from Exellence In Writing. She is really enjoying the reading, spelling and games that we are playing while doing it.

Which reminds me...The Crew, that lovely homeschooling group that I write reviews for, is nearing the end of their year and are now accepting applications to join. If you homeschool and blog, give it a try!

And this is what is on my bed....piles of laundry.

Lots of laundry.

My son had green hair this week.

This month at our 4-H club meeting the kids dressed in costumes. He was the only one in our family that did anything, and was trying to just match his shirt and be Mr. Green.

My second favorite costume there was a girl who had taped a quarter to her back. She was a quarterback.....har-har.

This is how my cukes look now...

I am thinking they need to get pulled.

But here are the beans...so green and beautiful. Made even prettier by the Morning Glory's that I planted with them.

I hope your week is going great. It's Friday! Have a lovely weekend, everyone.


  1. Wow! I am going to have to try that with my burners! Yours turned out superb!

  2. OK, your stove thing SO cool!! I have to try that. I wish I could fume my whole kitchen that way! haha

    Love you!

  3. The stove thing was SO easy! Once we bought some fancy stuff from Home Depot to soak them in, and then had to scrub like the dickens to get all of it off. And I remember it was a pain finding something big enough to soak the grates in.

    Yes Kate,wouldn't it be cool to be able to clean the whole kitchen that way!

  4. Love the random post! :) Fabulous stove burners!! And I love the green hair! :)

  5. I loved the green hair too, but I am glad it was temporary. I miss you, Lisa!


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