Flashback Friday - North Carolina Trip Part 2

Besides tasting real southern food, the only other thing I absolutely had to do while in NC was to see and touch the Atlantic Ocean.

The lay of the land is very different there; the beach in South Carolina was actually closer than the ones in North Carolina, what with the outer banks and all. So we headed south, through South Carolina, and to Charleston.

We drove through the French Quarter and by all the old houses. The southern mansions were incredibly beautiful and made me think of things I had seen in history books.

Food was on my mind, so we ate at Jestine's.

 On our plates? Flounder and Grits, Fried Okra, Hush Puppies, Fried Chicken, Cornbread, and Sweet Tea. (And now I know why so many people rave about Sweet Tea.)

We drove out of the city, towards the east, and to Folly Beach.

Not the most picturesque day, but pretty in its own way.

A strange thing for our children....looking at the ocean and facing east....

Even though it was a bit chilly (but strangely humid), the kids played in the waves.

I would have liked to have taken a swim, but I did stick my feet in the water, which really seemed like it was the temperature of bath water. So strange to someone from the Pacific!

Our dear friends and us.

In a perfect world I would have the east coast ocean temperature and seashells, and the west coast rocks and crags, that give such beautiful views.

Looking down this street near the beach made me feel like I was in another world.

On the long drive back, we stopped at the restaurant our family had heard about but never been to....THE  CRACKER BARREL.

 After 5 days of heavy southern food, I was craving a salad. And wouldn't you know it, my lovely chicken salad that I ordered came with fried bits of chicken. There is no way around it, fried food is an integral part of southern eating.

We had such a fun time there....those of you who are Cracker Barrel fans will see the triangular golf-ball-pin games on the table that we played with while waiting for our food.

 On a side note: we decided to buy a few jars of real maple syrup from Cracker Barrel to bring home as gifts. We wisely packed the bottles inside Ziploc bags in our suitcase for the journey home. When we got home we opened it up to find a note from the airport security, that they had gone through our suitcase and completely taken everything out, and put it back again....apparently seeing 7 glass bottles inside plastic bags on the x-ray machine puts up red flags.

Our next adventure in NC? Heading north, and to Mt. Airy.

And if any of you are Andy Griffith fans, you'll recognize that city. It was Andy Griffith's hometown, and the place where Mayberry from the Andy Griffith Show was based on.

We could tell we were in the right spot because right when we turned off the main road and into the town we saw this:

Yup, the squad car. (without the two way radio and machine guns, of course.)

You could go for Andy Griffith tours in the squad car, and the guy will take you all over Mt. Airy, showing you the sights.

But first, lunch.

At the Snappy Lunch.

My cute little babies, eating Snappy Lunch's famous pork chop sandwiches.

Then we started walking around and saw.....

"Maude, Al, if those hamburgers are ruined, I won't be responsible!"

"Hey to Goober!" (Nothing lays on his chest)

 "Watch your foot, I'm gonna rock forward."

"Sarah, get me Juanita down at the Diner."

And Foley's Market, Fred's Radio Repair, and the Mayberry Hotel too.

Then we all saw this....

...and we went inside.

The courthouse, with the jail cells, and the infamous water crock that Otis spiked during one of his stays over a long weekend.

 Prisoners in the Mayberry Jail.

And there was Barney Fife himself, with his feet up and everything.

In the middle of town was this statue, from the opening scene of every Andy Griffith Show.

On the drive up to Mt. Airy we had been reading a tour book, and found out that the Siamese twins were buried right near this area.

I have no idea why we did this, but we went to the cemetery and found their gravestone.

I guess that is what homeschoolers do when they travel.

Back to Charlotte, NC and to our friends house, for a few more precious day of fellowship with them.

All the kids.....

And just so you can how much they have grown in 6 years, here is a photo we took last summer when our friends visited.

We made lots of fun memories on our trip to North Carolina, and I hope you enjoyed reading my Friday Flashback.


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