Homeschooling 2012

Another school year is upon us. We started a couple of weeks ago, and so I thought I would share with you some of the things I am doing this year.


We are going through Apologia's Who Is My Neighbor all together right now; I reviewed this book over the summer and love it. The older kids have a student notebook they fill in, the younger ones color in their coloring books, and we are also memorizing the suggested Bible verses. We will be finishing this book up in January, so I am looking into doing God's Great Covenant at that point.


The older two are going to be doing a writing curriculum which I reviewed; Write With World. I liked the way this curriculum encouraged critical thinking and taught solid writing skills, with a Christian world view. Dasher is still going through First Language Lessons, and I have Nutsy doing copywork a few times a week.


The older two are going through Hewitt's Lightening Literature Guide; this curriculum uses great books to teach literary analysis, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing. I was blessed to be able to review this curriculum back in July. Dasher is reading through The Little's stories by John Peterson, and Nutsy has her little Bob Books she is reading through.


All four of my kids are doing four different math curriculums! Mr. Lego is doing an online program called Aleks Math. He really likes the format and I think, is enjoying math for the first time in his schooling. Bookworm does best with textbooks so she is doing Saxon Math, she is my one child who gets and like her math. Dasher is plugging along with Rod & Staff math books, and Nutsy is going through an online program called IXL, which I also reviewed earlier this year.


The three older ones are using Spelling City; the two older ones are doing high school vocabulary lists and Dasher is going through graded word lists. This is also another product I reviewed; I love how there are fun games for them to play and am happy with their progress so far. We are still using the English From the Roots Up flashcards during our Together Time.

History, Science, & Music

All three of these subjects are being taught in our co-op this year. In history we are going to spend the entire year going through the 20th century, in science we are studying planetary astronomy, and in music we are learning basic theory and singing. Each week the children might have worksheets, writing work, presentations, experiments, and reading assignments to do.


This is a new one for us. My high school student needs a foreign language, and Bookworm has asked numerous times to learn Spanish, so when a friend gave me Rosetta Stone, I knew this was the year to do it.


The younger two are doing work in phonics; both Dasher and Nutsy do Explode the Code books, and Nutsy is also doing phonics work with Rod & Staff.  They both do handwriting from Christian Liberty Press which uses the shorter catechism to teach printing and handwriting. I also have the opportunity to review a new phonics/reading/spelling/writing curriculum from IEW in the next month, so Nutsy and I will be working on that.


4-H really does count as school in our house; the older three do presentations each year with visual boards, they give project reports, and do community service through our club. This year Mr. Lego is our club Vice-President, Bookworm is the Corresponding Secretary, and Dasher is a Sergeant-at-Arms. And the projects we are thinking to do? Rabbit and Goat like we did last year, and we are thinking to add Poultry as well. No, we are not crazy (at least I think not), but this opens up options for market animals to bring to auction and will teach the kids all about another small animal.

He has shown you, O man, what is good;
and what does the Lord require of you,
But to do justly, to love mercy,
and to walk humbly with your God.

Micah 6:8

And as I was writing and compiling this massive list, I read a blog post by a dear friend of mine. She reminded me that the number one thing we are going to be working on are our hearts. Specifically, that my children's hearts would do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with God. A high calling indeed, for a sinner such as me. Only by God's grace, can I even begin to accomplish that, and all those other, less important things that are listed above.

May God grant all of us homeschooling Mommas grace, mercy, wisdom, and patience.


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