Today was an unexpected day at home. Our dear friends in our co-op woke up with colds, so at the last minute it was cancelled, leaving me with a totally free day.

And, since we are starting school back up again next week, a day for unusual fun.

But first things first.....Nutsy did something special last night.

First she looked like this...

then this....

and then about an hour later she had this smile.

None of the other kids have ever lost both front teeth at the same time and of course I think it is just too cute.

Now back to today.

First thing we did this morning was have a tea party.

With my mom's tea cups, of course.

Then the younger two decided to get out the play-dough, which had not been played with in a while and was as hard as a rock, so we made some more.

If you have never made homemade play-dough, you need to try it....super easy.

And super fun.

During our summer break I let the kids watch a couple of Iron Chef episodes on the know, that cooking show where two chefs are given a secret ingredient and then they are given an hour to incorporate it into 5 dishes. Well after lunch the older two came up with the idea to have our own Iron Chef competition. I laid down the rules, (the main one being that Mr. Lego would supervise any cooking/baking and that they would all clean up afterwards) and Bookworm and Dasher were given 45 minutes to create three recipes using a secret ingredient chosen by the judges.....peanut butter.

I pretty much stayed out of the kitchen (I think I would have been giving too much advice about the messes they were making), and did some work upstairs during the cooking part.  But I did come down to snap a couple of photos and for the judging.

The eager judges.

Dasher, describing her dishes.

This was peanut butter-lemonade.

Can I just say that I am so glad I wasn't a judge.

Dasher's next dish... a cut out corn tortilla with peanut butter and sprinkles, chocolate and strawberries, apple slice and peanut butter.

And her dessert. Which looks pretty good, actually.

Bookworm was up next and started right off with these cookies, which she made completely by herself with no recipe. Um hello, I am not even brave enough to try that.

And they were actually quite yummy.

Trying her milk-strawberry-peanut butter-coffee drink...

And this one was quite creative....melted marshmallows and peanut butter sandwich with a strawberry on top.

Awaiting the judges decision....

...and Dasher wins it!

Mr. Lego wanted a turn at cooking so the girls gave him a secret ingredient.......pepper.

Here is his first dish, sauteed onions and mushrooms with pepper, served with some leftover refrigerated rolls from last weekend.

Explaining his dish....

Biscuits with chocolate and strawberries, with a sprinkling of......pepper.....

I must say that he probably scored very high in presentation.

And finally, marshmallows with chocolate and pepper.

The girls said they actually didn't mind the pepper. Again, I am glad that my only job in all this was the designated photographer.

It was neat to see; they all gave honest feedback on all the dishes (the reason Bookworm lost was because her drink was just nasty, according to one judge) and they lost and won graciously.

Even though we have been off school this last month, I have been busy re-organizing, going through books, getting our school schedule ready, writing reviews....and really hadn't spent time with the kids. So it was lovely today, to have nothing to do but play with the kids and take photos.

Now I'm off to make sure the kitchen is cleaned and to make dinner....


  1. This is so fun!! I am glad you were productive on your free day. The same cannot be said of me. Sigh. However, a wicked good beef stew is simmering on the stove and I will get some things done tonight.

    The troops are feeling better, but it was good that we did not host today seeing that Mark was not feeling well either. :)


  2. Oh that beef stew sounds really good! We so missed being with all of you....praying Mark and the rest feel better soon!

    Love you, dear Kate!

  3. Wow, that is so great. My daughter loves shows like that.


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