Time With Family

Last week we made the trek up to Oregon for some family time.

This trip was especially important; my 96 year-old grandpa is nearing the end of his earthly journey, and we were so blessed to be able to spend a few days with him.

This being Oregon, we were very thankful for the 80 degree temps.

That, and my understanding uncle, who hiked the heat up in their pool for us wimpy Californians.

Here we were seeing how many people we could fit onto the mattress.

We ate incredible food; thanks to my cousin the official Grill Master, and all the other hands that bought and prepared the yummies.

One night the guys set up an outdoor theater, and we watched Princess Bride.

Another night all the kiddies roasted marshmallows.

One day we had water balloon games...

....and a water fight, of course.

Somehow all the girls thought they should be on my cousin's team.

There was lots of this.....

....which eventually turned into this....

and then this happened.....

which led to this.....

If you remember the humility lesson from last year's trip, the dunking of the teenager this year took about 25 seconds. Ambushing and the element of surprise certainly paid off.

This year we were also blessed to be able to go to the river.

Nutsy went tubing for the first time.

These guys were literally flying.

When it was time for my cousin and I to go, I had a nice little talk with Mr. Boat Driver about being gentle with us.

Obviously he ignored me; here I am, desperately trying to get my cousin back up on the pancake.

Bookworm tried waterskiing again....

...here she is at the end of her ride.

And Mr. Lego....

This child opted out of all the fast water play, and stayed in the boat and on the shore.

What a blessing; to be able to spend time with my grandpa, to see family who live afar, and to enjoy God's beautiful creation.


  1. This looks like an immense amount of fun! What great memory-making and memory-keeping. (((hugs)))

  2. What a fun trip!! Happy 96th (!!) birthday to your Grandpa!


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