Church Camping Trip 2012

The 2012 Camping Trip has come and gone.

And I must say, that it was a fun one.

Starting with the bridge jumping. This year I swam across the lake to the dam, along with my Sweetie and a friend, so I had lots of time swimming up to the thing to contemplate what I was going to do.

And my good friend Hannah, who did not let me forget the lesson I had learned in this very spot two years ago, convinced me to jump again.

I stood there for maybe 5 minutes and then jumped.

And that was not all folks....this was actually my first jump of four in the two days we went to the bridge.

Of course I am not doing anything like this yet....

My friend Kate talked me into sitting on the top rung, which lasted all of about 30 seconds before I got off.

She was brave and jumped from the middle rung. Next year, Kate....

My Sweetie did jump in a group jump....

I missed it (I'm not a perfect photographer) but got them all in the water.

(You can see My Sweetie circled above.)

People tried all sorts of crazy new things this year.

Flips were a big thing off the bridge.

Here is Mr. Lego....

One night the boys went back to the bridge with our friend and did flips.....insanity.

Another of the new things was a rope swing that the boys found on a bike ride.

My Sweetie....

I am sorry, but you would have to PAY ME A LOT to do that.

Mr. Lego....

Obviously fearlessness runs in the males of our family

When we weren't at the bridge or rope swing, we were on the beach.

Some very gracious friends took lots of people water skiing, tubing, and boat riding....we had just been on a boat the week before in Oregon so we stayed on the shore.

The annual log rolling competition took place, but this was about as high as they could get, with such a thin log and so many kiddos on it.

Inner tube fun in the sun.

Back at camp we enjoyed hymn singing and daily devotions on I Corinthians 13. We had good food, including our Camp Donuts.

 When we weren't cooking, doing dishes, or talking, we were playing games.

Catch Phrase.

Speed Scrabble. (The BEST game to play.)

Other fun games....Cocktails, Up the River, Golf, 99...

Silly girls.

 Me and my Sweetie.

The last night the entire camp gathered for Camp Tacos.

Then it was our fun skit night.... camping trip is complete without the singing of The Song That Never Ends, brought to us by the two cuties above.

There were lots of funny ones, but the adults didn't get their skit together in time. Maybe next year....

Some of my camping peeps.

 And finally, the last day we headed back to the lake, to a new beach, which was a bit muddy, which was just begging for a mud fight.

Here my sweet friend Hannah is showing me how much she loves me.

Don't worry, I am the one who put all that mud on her back.

And I was certainly staying away from Mr. Lego...

Fun times. With some very special people.

Thank you Lord, for such wonderful days.


  1. Looks like fun! We are heading to church camp tomorrow. There won't be any jumping off of bridges or from ropes though. :-)

  2. Love this!! Two de-lovely photos of me. Shudder. But I love you anyway!! :D

    Maybe make-up and camping should go together...

    This was a GREAT write-up and I just loved camping with you!

  3. Have fun, Lisa! Church camping trips are the best.

    You know I do love you Kate, and we had such a good time with you too!


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