State Fair 2012

 State Fair is behind us. It is actually still up and running....ours goes for 18 days and I am thanking the Lord that we only have to be there for the first 5 days. Any more than that and you would of had to seriously drug me.

We do have tons of fun, but I am getting older and walking miles in 105 degree heat with late nights and early mornings do take their toll.

We always begin with showmanship.


...and Mr. Lego.

Dasher knows her limits and always bows out of state matter how nice the judge, doing individual showmanship is always a bit intimidating.

Tradition is that we bring in pizzas the first night, then slide down the hill on the empty boxes.

We watched our friends doing sheep showmanship, then that night it was the highlight of our fair time, the Fab Four concert.

All my crazy friends, waiting for it to start...

Hey, we look pretty good for our second day at fair!

Beatles....I mean, Fab Four.....

These boys loved meeting them....yeah, they kind of look like them....if you are a bit nearsighted.

The next couple of days were not too strenuous....just walking around, checking out the exhibits, and seeing the sights.

Nusty and a friend playing with a giant Etch-a-Sketch that actually worked....

Playing old-time video games....

Lots of exhibits to see...

When it would get too hot we would head inside to the Fur and Feathers where our rabbits were and get them out for people to pet.

And some of the us went on rides with the Read-to-Ride program.

Two of my daughters graciously gave me two of their tickets; I went on the Fireball and Evolution. The latter one was are swung totally upside down at all different angles....I loved it.

And then my favorite exhibit of all is The Farm.

All our kiddos, plus friends.

I was seriously coveting their incredible garden....

...Sunflowers make me smile.

There was a spot where we could try to catch crawdads...

...and visit with baby turtles.

Here is Bookworm, practicing her lassoing. A skill that anyone should know, because you never know when you'll need to lasso something.

So that was our fair...silly, interesting, hot, yummy, and FUN!