Hear Builder Auditory Memory

Recently I was given a product from Super Duper Publications called Hear Builder Auditory Memory. This company gives parents a wide range of products for those students who struggle with learning.


What It Is:
This product is a software program, that comes as a CD for your computer. Through fun exercises, your child will learn how to listen for details and improve their short term memory. They will join Recall Agents Kim and Joey to save Memory Town from the evil Dr. Forgetsit. There are five different listening activities to do:

Memory for Numbers
Memory for Words
Memory for Details 
Auditory Closure
Memory for WH Information

Memory for Numbers is exactly what is sounds like; your child will hear a series of numbers, which they will remember, then enter into a keypad. Level 1 begins with 3 numbers being listed and moves all the way up the levels to remembering seven digits for 10 seconds. Memory for Words is remembering a series of words. After you child hears 3 words, they will then click on the words in the correct order. In the early levels there is a picture of the object with the word for those children that are still not reading. This sections works up to 5 words to remember at a time.

Your child will view a picture scene with characters in the Memory for Details. They will listen to details about a character, then select the one who fits the description. Level one starts with one detail and works up to 5 details at a time.   


Auditory Closure is a section where your child will complete a sentence based on context. For example they will hear "Three little kittens lost their __________." and then be given 4 choices to fill in the blank. Again, if your child hovers over the choice, they will hear it read again. This is especially helpful for the younger ones who are not yet reading proficiently.


In the Memory for WH Information (or who-what-why-where-how) your child listens to a couple of sentences with information. Then a reading comprehension question comes up on the screen and they need to remember the details.

For each lesson there are 10 tries; if they get the first six right then they skip the remaining 4 questions and move on. Between all lessons is a simple game; these range from shooting space garbage, finding Dr. Forgetsit behind different doors, or chasing him through a maze in a car.

There is also a section called Agent Status, where your child can see how far they have come in each of the levels. You can also print out badges as they complete the sections. Another feature, in the upper levels, is to choose background noise to hear while your child listens to the information.

What You Get:

For $69.95, you will receive the Hear Builder CD. Through the end of August though, Super Duper is offering a 30% savings if you use the code BLGAM30.


How We Used This:

My younger two had a really fun time playing these games. In fact, I used it as a reward when they finished doing their daily math practice. At first, we had a hard time getting Hear Builder to remember us when we would come back the next day. We ended up using it on our other computer, which stores cookies, and then it remembered all the work we had done. The CD runs from your hard drive and stores the information for each child there as well, so you need to make sure they use the same computer every time. My one daughter was excited to get up to level three in some sections, and loved the in-between games.

What We Thought:

I really liked this product. I do have one child that has a very hard time remembering more than one detail (prayer requests, chores to do, lists of activities), and I saw how this product really helped her remember more. I especially liked the helpful strategies that were given for each section. For example, in the numbers section it suggests having the child sing the numbers, group them together, or picturing them in their head. This advice really helped my daughter...I got a kick out of watching her stand up and jump while singing the number sequence. You can view progress reports that show when each of your children worked on the program, which games and levels they played, and their score. You can also choose which level your student starts with. For fun, I made myself a profile and started working in the expert section. There was background 'talking' noise going on, multiple questions about sentences, and harder questions to answer. This means that this one CD can really be used with a wide age-range; anyone, pre-K to 8th grade can benefit from this fun program.

Super Duper sent a couple of other products to other members of The Crew: Jeepers Peepers Glasses Game and Hear Builder Following Directions. And just so you know, each of these products has a 30% off code too!


Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, for my honest and humble review. All opinions are mine.


  1. Great review! You may want to know that your first Hear Builder link goes to the Jeepers Peepers game.

  2. Thanks so much for letting me know! :-)


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