County Fair 2012 - Part 1

Well, it was a whirlwind. Our county fair only runs 5 days, but for us it was 8 days of craziness, fun, competitions, rides, and life lessons.

A couple of days before fair opened, we went to Cal Expo to set up our goat area.

Having a large animal is really cool, especially since you get a stall in the barn to stash all your stuff.

Our project made these really neat displays, showing how to make goat cheese, yogurt, ice cream, butter, how to milk a goat, and the kinds of meat cuts.

The next day was load in....I didn't take too many photos that day, but after vet check we got Arwen settled into her little pen with her friend, Goonie. Rabbits got checked in and then of course the highlight of that day was weigh-in. And if you read my Monday Musings you know that we didn't make weight. :-(

Competitions started the next day, bright and rabbit was first. All three kids had market rabbits.

Here is Mr. Lego's getting weighed.

Mr. Lego's, Dasher's and one of Bookworm's did not place (they were still eligible for auction) but by the time the judge started placing at 20th place we still had a rabbit in the running.

16th place.......12th place.....8th place.....and Bookworm got 5th place for her market rabbit!

Then we headed back to the goat stalls to get the goat ready.

Arwen getting a bath....

Arwen got 1st place in the feeder class!

This was where things got tricky. It was now going on 4 o'clock and the girls were going to be up soon in rabbit showmanship. And Mr. Lego was waiting with Arwen to go into the goat show ring for goat showmanship.

And then everything happened at once and both of them started at literally the same time. So I ran, back and forth, between the two ends of the barn, snapping photos of my children.

I am sure I looked like a fool, but hey, photos are pretty important to me.

Mr. Lego finished his competition first and got 4th place in goat showmanship.

Back at rabbits the judge had everyone do the showmanship routine....

...then he called back the kids that did well for questions. Dasher was secretly relieved to not get placed.

Rabbit questions...

....and Bookworm got 4th place in the Juniors!

Mr. Lego was up next....

...he made call back and got questioned by the judge.

A 5th place winner in Seniors!

The end to a very long, crazy, but profitable day.


  1. Such a busy fun day! Love all the photos! Glad we got to come see where you "live" during that week and hang out for a while!

  2. LOL, Lisa! Yes it is like 'living' there. I am so glad you got to come too!


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