Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: Life just keeps moving. There are a few rabbit/goat things we need to work on this week, I have a couple of reviews coming up, and I feel the end of lots of school things coming so the pressure is on to finish strong. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.....

What I'm reading: I have gotten through about 60 pages of Age of Opportunity. More reading to come.

What I'm listening to: I have the windows open right now to let the cool air in before it warms up later this afternoon, and there is this weird, scraping, mechanical sound I keep hearing. Someone must be doing something machine-like to the road, or their yard....not sure what but I am really curious what it is.

What we're learning: We finished Mystery of History Volume III! So for the next month we are doing a quick speed through of the 18th and 19th centuries to catch up with our new co-op, and this next week we are focusing on the Revolutionary War. We are all going to watch a PBS documentary called Liberty! The American Revolution, and I'll select some of our historical fiction books for the older ones to read.

What I'm watching: My garden grow. I need to do a garden post so you can see how things have been going; my beans found the wire thing to climb on and are sending their snakey arms twisting around them. The tomatoes are just sitting there; I am not sure if it is the soil or if there is really something wrong with the plants. But the lettuce and radishes are really coming up and looking happy.

What's cooking: This week I am making Chicken Lettuce Wraps, Indian Curry in the crock pot, and a ham from our pig with Japanese potato salad and asparagus.

What I'm buying: I am on the lookout for more planting containers to buy to put on our deck for my garden. 'Tis the season for garage-saling....

What I'm thankful for: I am thankful for dear friends, who pray for me and encourage me in my parenting and marriage.

What I'm creating: Right now I am going to go back into the kitchen and make myself a second cup of tea. I found a bakery near our house that sells loose tea and they have a Black Currant Tea that is fabulous.

What I'm praying: I am praying for the future spouses for my children. I have no idea who they might be, but the Lord knows who they are, and I am praying that He would turn their hearts to himself and give them hearts that are filled with grace.

What I'm planning: We are moving the baby rabbits into our rabbitry this week; two each for Bookworm and Dasher and one for Mr. Lego. We have 4 weeks or so until the fair and we need to start fattening up the little fluff balls.

What we did this last weekend: The children went to a 4-H small animal master showmanship workshop; Mr. Lego loved working with the dog and Bookworm learned lots about showing poultry. We had a quick visit from the grandparents who spent the night, then church on Sunday. Then in the afternoon a family came over for fellowship, fun and California Rolls!

What I'm looking forward to: We have a field trip in our co-op this week, a 4-H leadership meeting, and a friend and I might get together for lunch. Our Saturday looks wide open on the calendar so a nice bike ride with the family should be in order.

Pictures to share:

 Bookworm working with poultry

Listening to Grandpa play Sunrise, Sunset on his ukelele

Sunday Lunch

Fun times with friends