Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That my list of things to do is never empty. I opened the window blinds this morning and saw how dusty they were, laundry has piled up, some windows need to be washed, and I would love to finish organizing the school books in the school room. And that is why I delegate jobs, and offer a small payment to my kiddos for the extra ones they do.

What I'm reading: This week I am reading parts of Robert Ballard's book The Discovery of the Titanic. The Titanic sunk one hundred years ago this week; he was the one who found the ship in 1985.

What I'm listening to: Girls behind me talking, someone in the kitchen cleaning up from morning pancakes, someone else upstairs brushing their teeth, and the dumb bird, squawking as usual.

What we're learning: This week in history we are learning about Robert Boyle, George Fox, Blaise Pascal, and Louis XIV. We are slowly working our way through the Shorter Catechism and are on question 60 this week, the older ones are working on a lap book of the states, and we have our fine arts co-op this week.

What I'm watching: Daffodils on my table. Yes, it is daffodil season and I love how they cheer up our living room.

What's cooking: This week on the menu is Stroganoff and pasta, Roasted Chicken with vegetables, and Cream Cheese Chicken and rice.And I think Bookworm is planning to make a couple loaves of banana bread too.

What I'm buying: I am hoping to head to our local nursery and get some heirloom tomato plants. I will probably wait to plant the cucumbers because it is still a bit cold here, but the kids will plant a second row of lettuce and green onions in our planter boxes on the deck this week.

What I'm thankful for: I am so thankful for my family. We had a wonderful time with my grandpa this last week; a picture post is in the works.

What I'm creating: I can't think of anything I am creating this week....I could stretch this question and say that I am 'creating' children that know lots about rabbits. The three older ones are starting to study the rabbit standard in preparation for fair and their rank sheet test.

What I'm praying: For a family in our church who is going through some hard times right now. That God would bring direction to their lives, and would give them wisdom and comfort during this time.

What I'm planning:  I have a review that is due this week, and I need to plan some things for the last month of our co-op. And then I am starting to think about school for next year which always involves all sorts of planning.

What we did this last weekend: On Saturday we went to the 4H Sectional Presentation Day; it was a full day with all of us helping, judging, giving and watching presentations...we came away with Bookworm getting a gold. Sunday we went to church, Sunday school, and our fellowship meal; then we went to the assisted living center for their service. Then we had everyone over for fellowship, yummy food, and Up the River.

What I'm looking forward to: I am looking forward to doing some planting outside, maybe today but probably later this week. And our co-op this week will be a fun but bittersweet one as it is our last fine arts co-op.

A picture to share:

~Great-Grandpa, with 4 of his 9 great grandchildren.


  1. So glad you had a visit with your Grandpa! So nice for the kiddos too. Glad you made it through Presentation Day (Did you get all those pencils sharpened?!) and congrats to Bookworm!!

    Have a wonderful week and a blessed Resurrection Day my friend!

  2. Thank you, Lisa! Yes, we did sharpen all the pencils...and thanks to some ingenious kiddos, set some kind of record by sharpening 220 of them in about 45 minutes. The secret? Putting the pencils on a drill and doing it that way. :-)


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