Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That today is a lovely day. My Sweetie is home because it is President's Day, (Which I just looked up because I wasn't sure, and it is not even the official name of the holiday. Washington's Birthday is the more appropriate term.) so we are thinking to go do something fun with the kids this afternoon. Maybe a hike, or some playing at a park.

What I'm reading: The last thing I read was my new Cooking Light magazine. I really love most of the recipes in there; they really do inspire me to cook new things.

What I'm listening to: Chattering is going on in the kitchen right now. Pages are turning behind me and the bird is giving us his normal morning serenade.

What we're learning: I had no voice for much of last week so we didn't get to any history at all. So this week we'll learn what was on the schedule for last week (flexibility is great with homeschooling), which is William Shakespeare, Tokugawa of Japan, and Sir Francis Bacon. And presentation day is this week so the kids are memorizing and practicing...

What I'm watching: Over the weekend my Sweetie and I watched The Magnificent Seven with Yul Brenner and Steve McQueen. A good movie overall if you like westerns.

What's cooking: This week I am making Chicken, Corn and Black Bean Wraps, Baked Potato Soup, and Vietnamese Roasted Chicken in the crock pot.

What I'm buying:  I think I got everything I needed on my monthly shopping expeditions last week; I am sure I will think of something we forgot at some point though.

What I'm thankful for: I am so thankful for the house I live in. My kitchen, our walls for bookshelves, windows to see the sun from; thank you Lord for my home.

What I'm creating: I can't think of any projects I have right now....I am starting to think about getting some seeds into the ground out in the garden.

What I'm praying: I am praying for those Christians who live in lands where practicing their faith is persecuted. We are so blessed here to have the freedom to worship and teach our children how we want.

What I'm planning: I need to come up with a fun experiment to do in science this week....we are studying insect life cycles, camouflage, and defense.  

What we did this last weekend: We did some major organizing in the kids rooms Saturday; partly because it needed it and also partly because there is a missing library book somewhere (location is still unknown). Sunday we went to church and Sunday school, then had a family over for yummy California Rolls, Miso, and a stir fry.

What I'm looking forward to: This week is pretty normal; we have our rabbit project meeting, co-op, and Lego class. This Saturday is presentation day and even though I am not presenting of course, I'm still nervous for the kids. And that is why I judge other kids, so I don't get all worked up watching them do their presentations.

A picture to share:

~Two girlies at the park last week.


  1. oh my goodness, your girls are very cute! Loving the sweet smiles.
    I'm glad you mentioned liking Cooking Light - I've thought about getting those and don't know anyone (personally) who has them.
    I wonder if I can check a few out at the library?

    Glad your voice is back :)

  2. Hope you had a lovely day! Hubs had to work today, but B and I took the day off from school anyway. And B got to go to a laser tag bday party - so fun! Have a wonderful week!!

  3. Thanks, Kate.

    Stef, I really love Cooking Light. Really good recipes with great ideas for cooking more healthy. They do have low-fat cheese and sour cream in their recipes....I usually don't use low fat products so I just ignore and use the real stuff. A lot of times Costco has their annual recipe book for sale too.

    That sounds like fun, Lisa! See you Friday!


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