A is for Alphabet Part 2 (M-Z)


Here is the last half of the alphabet with my favorite homeschooling ideas....

M - Mystery of History - I love studying history with my kids and talking about the amazing things that have happened in time. We have used this chronological curriculum the last three years. And I am waiting patiently for the final volume to be published.....

N - Nature Readers from Christian Liberty Press - These science and nature readers are written in a no-nonsense way, starting with easy reading in book K, to more complex reading and ideas in book five.

O - On the Banks of Plum Creek, and other books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. These are such classic books and my children love hearing them read and reading them.

P - Phonics Pathways - A couple of my children learned how to read fast, and a couple of others didn't. For those children who are struggling and having a hard time reading and learning writing at the same time, this book is such a help.

Q - Quarter Mile - This is a CD that you load onto the computer and has fun math racing games that go over those math facts that are so important.

R - Rainbow Resources - One of the best places online to get anything homeschooling. Their hard copy catalog is about 3 inches thick....

S - Shurley Grammar - Grammar is a hard subject for me; especially the diagramming. So depending on the different learning styles of my children, a couple of them use this grammar curriculum and learn to classify or parse sentences using jingles and questions.

T - Training Hearts, Teaching Minds - This family study through the shorter catechism is a great resource in our family. It is written in a simple yet profound way, with the basics of the faith given. I myself have learned a lot about simple theology as we have gone through it.

U - Usborne Books - These books are fantastic. We don't use textbooks in our homeschooling very much, and the wide array of books from this company are a nice addition to our studies. Our favorites are Sun, Moon and Stars, Castles, and the Big Book of Things to Draw.

V - Veritas Press - This was one of the first companies to offer a full range of classical education items; I mainly use their history and literature suggestions.

W - Writing With Ease - My younger ones have enjoyed going through this book this last year; Each week there is a different reading passage from a classic book, with pages for narrations, dictation and copywork.

X - eXplode the Code - I know it doesn't start with an X, but it is in there. These simple, phonics workbooks have been perfect for those of my children who struggled with reading and needed a little bit more practice.

Y -  david macauleY - Yes I know I am pushing it again, but there aren't many Y homeschooling resources out there, let alone Y words. These books by David Macauley are incredible. We have Cathedral, Castle, Pyramid, and Mill. The intricate details in these books make you feel as if you are standing right there, watching the cathedral being built.

Z - the Zoo - A couple of years ago the grandparents gifted us with a membership to our small, local zoo. We went at least once a month; where I would require the children to sketch a different animal, research it when we got home and write a paragraph. And if you have more that 2 kids a lot of times your one time admission fee is about the same price as a membership....

And there you have it, the homeschooling alphabet according to me.


  1. Thanks! Just added to my Amazon school wishlist :)

  2. Sure, Stef! I know that there is a ton of stuff out there and it is fun to see what products your friends are using. :-)


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