A is for Alphabet (Part 1 - A-L)


I love lists.

And a dear friend pointed me to this fun list on another blog and I thought I would join in.

So these are my favorite, alphabetized, homeschooling resources.

A - A History of US  - These books are a great compliment to United States history. Fun to read, but be warned that they are from a secular perspective.

B - Big Truths for Little Kids - We used this a couple of years ago to introduce our children to the Children's Catechism. A great resource for younger ones.

C - Classical Academic Press - Right now I am reading through a logic book this company sells and I am loving it. More to come on this product in a future post.

D - Draw, Write, Now - This is a fun way to get your younger ones to start drawing with simple step by step instructions, with copywork and writing tips.

E - English From the Roots Up - We love this easy and simple way to learn Greek and Latin roots. Good for all ages.

F - First Language Lessons - I am using this for my younger two, and am loving the cumulative approach to grammar.

G - Galloping the Globe - Our family used this curriculum a few years ago and had such a fun time with it. We learned how to do origami, ate Bimibap, and mapped the whole world.

H - Hank the Cowdog - Have a reluctant reader? I do. And these hilarious books will make them not want to stop reading.

I - I Spy series - These fun books are perfect to give my youngest when I need her to sit quietly during a lesson for the older kids.

J - Jane Eyre - Okay, I guess I found a way to sneak one of my favorite books in here....this one my older two have read and someday the younger ones will enjoy it too.

K - Kingfisher History Encyclopedia - A great resource for history. Good photos, illustrations, and summaries of world history from the beginning to the present.

L - Landmark Books - Oh, how I love thee. These well written, historical fiction books written in the 50's are such a wonderful addition to our history study. We have about 45 of them, and I am always on the look out at used book sales for more. (I did link to a site that only sells the 'modern' Landmark books....I would highly recommend looking for the originals at books sales and on ebay.)

And that's all the time I have tonight! Look for the rest of my alphabet soon....


  1. Love it! You made me - just MADE me - click the link to Galloping the Globe. :)

    See you tomorrow! XO


  2. love it! so glad Kate pointed you to my blog! I look forward to getting to know you better!

    I hope you'll come link up, too!

  3. LOL Kate! I really loved doing that program!

    Marcy, thanks for this great idea! I am excited to get to know others on The Crew and this is a great way. And it is now linked. :-)

  4. this is a GREAT idea! Looking forward to checking some of these out and can't wait for the rest of your list :)

  5. Thanks, Stef! I am trying to get the other half out today but we'll see... :-)


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