Ten on Ten

{Miso and rice for breakfast}

{Morning Bible time}

{Magnetix on the living room floor}

{Writing assignment}

{Preparing potatoes for lunch}

{Afternoon school work}

{Errands to run}

{Baby rabbits}

{Homemade brownies for our 4-H meeting}

ten on ten button


  1. I love your ten on ten! My son wants to know all about Magnetix now :)

  2. Thanks, Stef!

    Magnetixs are tons of fun. You connect magnetic rods and balls together to make interesting geometric shapes. We found them at a used homeschooling sale and love them. The only thing is that they are dangerous if they are swallowed, so when Nutsy was younger he could only play with them at the table....

  3. Love all your pics as always! Won't it be fun to look back at these years from now and see what your day was like?!

  4. Yes it will, Lisa! Right now they seem so busy and I can't imagine what life will be like when things slow down. :-)


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