Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That we have baby rabbits out in the rabbitry. BABY RABBITS!! Much to our great surprise, Uno kindled 6 babies yesterday morning. One did not look good and died later that day, but as of this morning there are 5 pink 'piggies' in her nesting box. So there is still hope to bring baby rabbits to our fair this year....

What I'm reading: I didn't pick up my reading book once last week. Getting back into school, the housework and catching up with the laundry were the priorities last week.

What I'm listening to: Chatter upstairs. The heater coming on. The bird having a squawking fit in the school room.

What we're learning: We spent all of our history time last week on Bloody Mary. I found a couple of  other books and resources that the children read, so we pushed our schedule back a bit and will learn about Elizabeth I and John Knox this week. We are working on question 55 in the shorter catechism, and I am hoping to finish reading Penrod to the children in literature.

What I'm watching: I am watching my kids getting older. My baby is 6 and I just want to throw them all in the freezer so they will just stay the way they are.

What's cooking: This week I am making Moroccan Chicken in my crock pot, Chicken Leek Stroganoff with pasta, and Beef Stew over Garlic Smashed Potatoes.

What I'm buying: I couldn't find any oyster mushrooms at the store last week for the Stroganoff, so I will visit our new Whole Foods later this week and see how much they want for them.

What I'm thankful for: I am really thankful for our health so far this season. We have only had a small cold a couple weeks ago; and even though I am expecting sickness before we get to spring, I am thankful it has been mild so far.

What I'm creating: Smaller photos. Last week I went to upload our new family photo onto my blog header, and couldn't because I had used over 1000MB on here with photos. Apparently the first couple years of my blogging I didn't resize the images, so they were taking up tons of space. So this last week whenever I have had a moment, I have been reducing them.

What I'm praying: That my focus this week would be to reflect Christ's humility to my children. I am a sinner, just like them; and am in need of grace every day, just like them.

What I'm planning: I have some school planning to do, and I have a couple of holiday photo-overload posts to write.

What we did this last weekend: I acquired a bookshelf for our school room on Friday and then spent half of Saturday organizing the books, crafts, games, art supplies and papers that all shifted around. Sunday we heard a convicting sermon on raising our children, then we enjoyed fun fellowship at our monthly fellowship meal. We went with a couple of families to the assisted living center to help with the service there, and then we had everyone back at our place for more food, fellowship and a rousing game of Cocktails.

What I'm looking forward to: We have our 4-H club meeting tomorrow night, where Bookworm is in charge of talking about Presentation Day. School is normal this week, and I think we have a quiet weekend ahead.

A picture to share:

~Watercolor desert scenes that the children worked on in our art co-op.


  1. I'm working on the "holiday photo overload posts" too :)

    Also, getting a new bookshelf sounds fun - I love things like that, that help our home get better organized!

    Happy Monday to you!

    ps. Rachel loves the paintings!

  2. "I just want to throw them all in the freezer so they will just stay the way they are."
    This made me laugh & nod with understanding. :)

  3. Stef, I can't wait for your photos post! They had a really fun time doing those watercolors too.

    Thanks, Melissa. Time needs to slow way down! Give your precious bundles a squeeze for me. :-)


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