Christmas At Our House

We were home for Christmas this year. I actually really like it that way.

Of course we started celebrating the couple of days before, with our annual Night Out to look at the lights.

Inside the travel mugs? Hot Pear-Apple Cider.

And all travelers need to fortify themselves with sugar-laden treats of course....

Those are my homemade dark chocolate covered caramels at the bottom there.

What we saw? Pretty lights.

Two members of the family opted to walk part of the way down a lit up cul-de-sac.

And we always find one of those synchronized houses to sit in front of for a few minutes.

For Christmas Eve we had appetizers:

This years' menu included potato skins, deviled eggs, warmed brie with toasted pecans and dried cranberries, spinach dip, assorted cheeses and olives, green bean crudites, and salami.

My plate:


The next day was Christmas Day, which we gladly spent the morning of at church.

Then home for our ham dinner:

I think Mr. Lego was liking it.

That evening we had some friends over for games...

....and great fellowship.

We talked so long into the night that the little ones conked out on the sofa.

A lovely Christmas weekend spent with lovely people.

{To be continued...}


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