Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: I was just reading through some blogs in my reader and realized that I forgot that Saturday was the tenth and I completely missed December's Ten on Ten. I'll aim for next month...

What I'm reading: I feel like my busyness is really starting this week, so I am putting the deliberate reading aside for a while. I did finish The King's Speech, but only made it a few pages past Charlemagne in my history book.

What I'm listening to: We have two cousins that are spending the week with us, so right now I am hearing chattering, laughter, and planning for the day.

What we're learning: This week I am focusing on a couple of math issues, we are reviewing the catechism questions #1 through #54, and working on our 4-H presentations. We'll start science and history back up after our winter break.

What I'm watching: Over the weekend my Sweetie and I watched The Two Towers, extended version, that my dear friend let us borrow. And I have to say that having read the books, watching the extended version is now the only way to watch them.

What's cooking: Right this very moment there are two boys in my kitchen making waffles. They told me they would make me breakfast if I would let them cook in the kitchen this morning. I am making Split Pea Soup later this week....oh so very yummy.

What I'm buying: Our mouse is going out on us and I am accidentally double clicking on everything....I am really appreciating the undo button! So off to find a new mouse....

What I'm thankful for: I am really thankful today for my friends. They are there for me when I am down, they extend grace to me in so many ways, and they make me laugh just when I need it.

What I'm creating: Most of our Christmas cards are ready to go out in the mail today. I still need to write our annual family letter which I will post on our blog today or tomorrow....I would love to make it a tab that people can click on so you all don't have to see it up there for the next couple of weeks.

What I'm praying: We have been breeding our rabbits now for a few months without any success. Now Bookworm is trying a different breeding schedule and so far, no babies. And even thought it might seem silly to some of you, I am praying that if it is God's will, we would have some little rabbits soon.

What I'm planning: The baking begins this week....and since I have extra helpers I am thinking we will get a lot done. And for the first time, this year I am planning to make a gingerbread house from scratch. We'll see how that goes....

What we did this last weekend: We ran some errands on Saturday and then did some things around the house. Then we all watched Cars 2 that evening. Sunday we went to church and Sunday school, then we went over to our friends for a fun afternoon.

What I'm looking forward to: Getting some baking done. Finishing our last week of school. Going caroling at the assisted living center. A fun Christmas party this weekend.

A picture to share:

~The two little girls went crazy and decided to make one gigantic heart for our Secret Servant project.


  1. Jason and I had never seen the un-extended versions of LOTR until about a month ago. Totally ruins the movies! The extended ones are much closer (though still not as good) to the books.

    Have fun with the cousins!

    The picture is adorable :)

  2. Thanks, Stef!

    I had only seen the regular versions and felt they missed lots of details. The extended helped but you are right, the books were the best. We are planning to watch The Fellowship of the Ring with the kids in a couple weeks...and I can't wait for The Hobbit!

  3. Charlotte, I am so glad you enjoyed TT! There isn't anything like the books, of course, but the extended versions are a good sub when you don't want to read them! :)

    Love you!

  4. Thank you, Kate for letting us borrow them! We are watching a few of the special features but I will bring it this Sunday. Then onto ROTK!

    I love you too, my friend. :-)


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