Thanksgiving Week

Last week was a fun week; we had activities, baking projects, good food to eat and fun things to do.

We began the week by helping out at a local food bank with our 4-H club. We went two mornings in a row, and helped to pass food out to those in need.

The day before Thanksgiving we did a fun project, but I can't say what it was since Christmas is coming......

For Thanksgiving we had my Sweetie's mom come for a visit. The kids love it when Obachan comes to our house.

We had such yummy food.......

....and ate too much, of course.

After dinner we played some games. We taught Obachan how to play Cocktails.

Then things got silly when she started drawing funny faces of the kids.

The next day we headed to Apple Hill.

The trees were especially pretty this year.

We went to our favorite farms where at one, I bought another 40 pounds of apples.

And of course, we had to eat apple doughnuts.

Another farm has a fun nature trail that we like to hike.

Nutsy had fun collecting leaves.

And what visit to Apple Hill is complete without Caramel Apples?

On the way home we picked up our tree....

....and took it home to decorate.

As usual, I let the kids do the decorating.

My mother-in-law and I spent all of our spare time working on a 1000 piece puzzle and we finished it in 18 hours.

The next day we were up bright and early for a rabbit show we were attending with our 4-H rabbit project.

Waiting for the New Zealands to be up.

Lots of crazy rabbit people.

That afternoon it was time for a leaf fight.

The kids actually raked all our neighbor's front yards and brought them to ours so we could have a huge pile.

Sunday afternoon after church we came home to a relaxing afternoon. We decided we had better start using the apples I had bought so we decided to try to make apple doughnuts.

This is when I am really glad we have a deep fryer.

Yum. They were delish.

And that was our week.

Fun, productive, relaxing, enjoyable.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful week! Your apple doughnuts look great! I need to make doughnuts - some day! :-) Your tree looks very pretty! I can't wait to get ours.

  2. It's funny Lisa, I was thinking we might wait to get our tree since we have more days than usual between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but no, my family wouldn't let me. And the doughnuts were super easy....we did cake doughnuts instead of the yeast ones. :-)

  3. making donuts?! How fun!! Apple donuts sound amazing.
    These were such fun pictures to look through - thanks for sharing! My kids loved the "playing in the leaves" pics. You took fabulous shots!
    Also, the card games looked like so much fuN! We can't wait for the day when our kids can play actual adult card games with us. Ethan is beginning to understand most board games (he and I played Monopoly again today) so its a little glimpse at what it will be like when they're all playing hard games on family game night :)

  4. The doughnuts were really easy, Stef. And since the kids have gotten older is had been so fun to play card games with them. In that photo above, it was actually Nutsy's first time playing that particular game.....she is almost there... :-)

  5. Sounds super fun and totally delish! Love it. Especially the pictures to go along with it all.

  6. Oh I remember when my mom made homemade donuts one time... hot and caked in powdered sugar. SO YUMMY!!! And I liked the leave piling to throwing. Alicia is often seen raking neighbors leaves to "make the yards look pretty mom".

  7. Thanks, Melissa! I have been inspired lately to use my blog as a memory-maker for my kids and they love the photos. Hug precious A for me!! :-)

  8. Rebecca, we had never made doughnuts like this before....and you're right, they were best right after they came out of the sugar coating. Even an hour later they were not as good - they had a short shelf life. Kind of like french fries.... :-)


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