Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: I am cold. I am always cold during the winter. And I live in California! I love being bundled up with a nice hot cup of tea. Which is exactly how I am right now.

What I'm reading: I am still reading A Brief History of Ancient, Medieval, and Modern Peoples by JD Steele. Now I am up to the Ancient Romans. What I love about this book is at the end of each section, the author describes scenes from daily life during that time period. I only have about 350 pages to go.....

What I'm listening to: The house is quiet right now....some kids are outside checking the rabbits, another is upstairs in their room. That leaves one that is unaccounted for....just checked and it is Nutsy, and she is sitting on the sofa behind me, reading quietly.

What we're learning: In history we are learning about Titian, Women of the Renaissance, and John Calvin. I have a couple of books on Calvin that the older ones will read, and I am going to read aloud to the younger ones the section on Calvin from the book Courage and Conviction by Mindy & Brandon Withrow. In science this week we are making hummingbird feeders. I know, this is totally the wrong season for hummingbirds, so we'll save them and put them out in the spring.

What I'm watching: My garden. I went out a couple days ago and picked the last of the tomatoes from my garden. We have had a couple of frosts so I think that is it. So now it is time to pull it all up and fertilize. While I was out there I saw some arugula coming up from the spring planting, which reminded me that now it is lettuce season here again. To plant or not to plant?

What's cooking: This week I am making Japanese Takeout Chicken in my crock pot from the second volume of Make it Fast, Cook it Slow. We will see how it turns out....

What I'm buying: I have big shopping this week so I am making my lists and thinking about all the food we will consume in November. I can't believe that Thanksgiving is next week!

What I'm thankful for: Today as I sit here on this foggy morning, I am thankful for my wool socks.

What I'm creating: Not much right now. Any ideas?

What I'm praying: For my children's hearts, that the Lord would draw them closer to Himself.

What I'm planning: To go upstairs right after this and work out with Jillian Michaels. I really do not enjoy working out, but I know it is good for me.

What we did this last weekend: Saturday night we had a family movie night, and all watched The Princess Bride. The evening was made complete with Caramel Chocolate Fudge Brownies. Sunday we went to church and Sunday school, then went to the park with a few families and had a picnic. We talked and played volleyball until it was dark.

What I'm looking forward to: This week we have our 4H rabbit meeting, co-op and Mr. Lego's Lego class. Our last week of school before taking off for the week of Thanksgiving.

A picture to share:

~Bookworm and a friend at our 4H club meeting last week. They were participating in a pie eating contest. A member of our family won. Anyone want to guess who that was?


  1. I am going to guess Mr. Lego won that contest. :D Yes, do plant lettuce! I just did in my raised beds and hope it grows. I would like to plan arugula too, but don't have the seeds. :)

    Loved reading this!

  2. You are right, Kate! Mr. Lego won in the 9 years and older group. He would.... :-)

    And I really, really want to do the lettuce! I just need to find the time to get out there and plant.


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