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I have thought of starting a blog post a few times over the last couple weeks, but then either there wasn't enough time, or I thought that it would have been just a couple photos and a short caption and that wasn't worth it.

So right now, I have a few minutes to sit down and I thought I would share what has been happening in our kitchen the last few days.

First, I bought 40 pounds of apples from a farm near us so we were getting creative with some apple recipes.

Can you guess what we were making?


Caramel Apples dipped in nuts and chocolate. I made a salted caramel apple, but since there weren't any goodies on it, lots of the caramel slid off the apple.

I also made about 7 batches of applesauce in my crock pot. Most of them I froze, but a couple I saved to make......

Apple Fruit Roll-Ups! And these tasted so sweet with no added sugar.

After a week of apple cooking, here is what's left:

Today we made our fun Thanksgiving cooking project.....edible tee pee's.

From Pinterest, of course. 

Fall colored sprinkles.....

Melted chocolate is a good thing.....

Sticking in the pretzels......

Dipping the chocolate coated bottoms into the sprinkles.....

Cute little tee-pee's!

My happy helpers!

And I have been productive with other things in the kitchen today.
Cranberry Sauce.....

And the sweet potatoes for our sweet potato casserole.

I am not planning to blog or even check the computer for the next few days, so to all my friends and family,

Happy Thanksgiving


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Those fruit roll-ups look awesome!!

  2. Thanks, Lisa! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :-)

  3. Charlotte, you did so much amazing stuff! How fun!! Hope you and your family had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!

  4. Thanks, Lisa! I hope you had a good Thanksgiving too. :-)


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