Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: We started the morning a bit Monday Musings is a little later and I am writing this while the kids do their independent school work. Sometimes it is good to mix things up a bit.

What I'm reading: The last book I read was One Big Table by Molly O'Neill. This is a fun cookbook I picked it up at the library last week that has recipes from all parts of the melting pot of America.

What I'm listening to: The wash going upstairs, and my tea kettle starting to hum on the stove. I am going to go in right now and make myself a cup of black tea.

What we're learning: This week we are doing a literature week for our history study. In the last seven weeks we have studied lots of great people so we are taking a week to read some of the historical fiction book I have....Luther the Leader by Virgil Robinson, Ferdinand Magellan: Master Mariner by Seymour Gates Pond, Isabel, Jewel of Castilla by Carolyn Meyer, and Thunderstorm in the Church by Louise A Vernon. In co-op we will be learning about the different kinds of feathers, and do an experiment to see why birds need oil glands.

What I'm watching: Last week at the library I found some Julia Child cooking shows on DVD. These are the ones where she would invite a guest onto her show and they would bake while she would stand and watch. My favorite one we watched over the weekend? A Chocolate Raspberry Ruffle Cake. Three layers of chocolate, creme fraiche between, fresh raspberries in the layers, and chocolate ruffles on top. Someday, when I have a whole day free to bake, I will make this.

What's cooking: Later this week I am making an oven barbequed chicken dish; it is super easy and when it is done the chicken just falls off the bones.....yum.

What I'm buying: I can't think of anything I need to buy.... I am on the look out for a new math book for Nutsy.

What I'm thankful for: I am so thankful for our health. I know it is inevitable that we will get sick a few times every year, but I am really thankful that we don't have any long term illnesses or sickness.

What I'm creating: Last week I printed off a few patterns for some ami things to make. I have always done better with knitting so we'll see if I can crochet these. They are supposed to be simple ones.....we'll see...

What I'm praying: For our extended family. That God would bless them this week and draw them nearer to Him.

What I'm planning: Just the normal stuff. I didn't blog much last week and I don't know if I will get another post in this week or not. I am focusing on school, keeping the house up and being a godly wife. Blogging just gets put on the back burner sometimes. :-)

What we did this last weekend: The kids and I got out our scrub brushes and washed all the baseboards and walls downstairs on Saturday. That was a long in coming, and definitely felt good to get done. Sunday we went to church and Sunday school, then home for a relaxing day. We hung out as a family and played Up the River and had a delicious won ton dinner.

What I'm looking forward to: We have our 4-H rabbit meeting this week; Mr. Lego is now a teen leader and has a part in leading the meeting. Co-op is Wednesday of course; we always have fun there. And then Mr. Lego is loving his Lego Engineering class on Fridays.  Just a normal week. :-)

A picture to share:

This is Nutsy, with a very loose tooth, that she didn't want to pull out herself. But she DID let Dad pull it out with pliers. 

Crazy Nut.......


  1. Julia Child was soo funny! We've been able to DVR a few vintage shows but haven't seen any where she has a guest.

    Love the pics of J and E! What a brave girl! Ian can't wait until he has a lose tooth! LOL

  2. I love watching Julia....and a sign of the times - in one of the episodes the guest baker sprinkles sugar crystals on the dough. Julia said she had never seen it before....look how far cooking has come in the last 15 years.


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