Sharing the Camera

I really love sharing things.
Except sips from my iced coffee.

Sometimes I share my camera.

Sorry, OUR camera.

Not my nice SLR one....I learned my lesson when my D50 died last spring. My Sweetie has a small point and click one that I use every now and then, and I sometimes let the kids express themselves with it.

And this is what you might find on the memory card later.

A photo of the bird, since I don't ever take pictures of the bird.

Pictures of their friends...

....ones of their creations in the dirt.....

.....the view from their perspective.

Man, we look tall!

They take pictures of our backs....

blurry ones....

....and ones looking straight up.

Of course there are a few blackmail ones of mom....

....and a self-portrait or two.

And finally, I found about 30 photos of horses. Not real live ones, but ones from a horse calendar.

Too bad the flash was on.

And because they were of horses, I knew exactly who had taken them.
Did you know Bookworm loves horses?

"All right, that is enough now. Give the camera back to me."

So every now and then, let your kids take shots with your inexpensive camera. You'll never know what you might find.

{These were taken over the last 2 months by Bookworm, Dasher and Nusty.}


  1. haha! I love when I go through my camera roll and find all sorts of hidden gems I didn't take :)
    The one of you made me LOL - I bet they were SO happy to catch that look on your face :)

  2. It is fun to see what kind of pictures they take! I love it too that I have a camera that I am comfortable with them taking photos with. :-)


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