Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: About my personality. I read a post at my friend Erin's blog and took a personality test for fun. And I am a ISFJ. I read the description and it is pretty accurate...but did give me some food for thought.

What I'm reading: No time last week for my book list. I did go to a used book sale at our library on Saturday and got another Jeff Smith cookbook. He is entertaining to read.

What I'm listening to: A couple kiddos are reading behind me and another is stirring a cup of tea at the table.

What we're learning: This week I begin teaching science in co-op! We'll talk about the airfoil of a birds wing, animal classification and experiment with gliders. In our own schooling we will be learning about Ivan the Great, Dias and de Gama, and Lorenzo the Magnificent in history. And Mr. Lego is beginning a Lego Robotics/Engineering class with some other homeschoolers on Friday.

What I'm watching: Over the weekend we watched Apollo 13. I love that movie and really think they should make a movie about Apollo 11.

What's cooking: I am making a couple things in the crockpot this week....Chicken Chow Mein and Barbecued Chicken with Cornbread. All from my cookbook by this author.

What I'm buying: I am coming up to my monthly shopping trips....and with school going I need to make sure I get everything I need so there are no second trips. So I'm making lists....

What I'm thankful for: The place that I live in. I love the weather here in mild California....yesterday it was such a lovely day with temperatures in the 80's, a pleasant breeze and big clouds in the sky.

What I'm creating: I am thinking to start another project. I really like knitting so something along those lines.....a sweater? Maybe a cute little stuffed animal?

What I'm praying: For my husband; as he works hard for our family, leads our family and grows closer to the Lord in grace.

What I'm planning: I did lots of planning in August for school which has been so nice! But I am still planning for co-op lessons in the second semester...After I read 21 Balloons to the younger children I think we will read Five Children and It by E. Nesbit.

What we did this last weekend: We did things around the house on Saturday, went swimming and had a fun evening with the kids. (More on that later...I did my first 10 on 10 day!) Yesterday we went to church and started our Sunday School year, then went to the park with friends for some pizza and volleyball. And when we played a game of adults vs. teenagers, we won. We are not THAT old......yet.....

What I'm looking forward to: Our 4-H club meeting is this week and I always look forward to co-op. And I am sure Mr. Lego is looking forward to his Lego class starting.

A picture to share:

 ~I took this photo on our way home last can barely see the big American flag hanging from the bridge. We will never forget 9.11 and will make sure our children remember.


  1. I love personality tests. I think ISFJ definitely fits you. I'm an INTJ :)


  2. Thanks, Abigail for commenting! I love taking quizzes and tests and that one was fun. Even though I took it early in the morning, I think it was pretty accurate. :-)


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