Lessons in Humility

We learn things all the time.

Humility is one of them.

Even when you are on vacation, as you all remember last year when I did this.

And this year at our family reunion, a few people were humbled, some more obviously than others.

It all started with some smack talking.

Mr. Lego was getting a bit fresh.

It was time to take him down.

 This was a bit harder than it seemed.

He had reflexes that had improved the last few months...

They're headed towards the pool...

Whoops. Now he's loose again.

Back and forth this went for a while, to the amusement of the rest of us who were watching.

First they would have him, and then he would slip out.

It was like trying to catch a snake with oil on your hands.

But no one was giving up. 

This went on, for like 10 minutes.

Finally, my dad stepped in.

It took three of them.... 

working together.....

and in he went.

Take that, you.....you....impertinent young man!

Humility: ...freedom from pride and arrogance; humbleness of mind; a modest estimate of one's own worth. (From my favorite dictionary of all time, Noah Webster's 1828)

Humility is something you learn when you get tossed into the pool.

Humility is also something you learn when it takes you ten minutes to get one measly kid into the pool, and then you have to sit down for a few minutes.

Lessons learned.


  1. And it doesn't get any easier to learn it the older we get, does it? :)

    Love you!!

  2. It doesn't at all! You are such a great friend. :-)

  3. hahaha! I loved this! So funny and so true. Love the pic you got of the guys "resting" :)

  4. Thanks, Stef. It was a pretty funny sight. My husband said it was probably the last time he was going to try to wrestle Mr. Lego into the pool....they grow way too fast!


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