The Delta

We drive down Interstate 5 all the time. My husband way more than I.
And when you look over across the wide expanse all you see is fields and farmhouses.
And that was all I thought was over there until last weekend.

I knew there was a Delta; I had seen it on the maps and knew that people would go there occasionally, but I never really knew what was there.

Until our friends invited us to the Delta. Very sweet friends, who had very gracious and sweet relatives who didn't mind us visiting.

This is the Delta:

An incredible maze of waterways that lead from the bay to Sacramento, with Mt. Diablo in the background.

And this is what we did on the Delta.

First up...wake boarding on the boom.

Bookworm did great.

Mr. Lego fell a couple times but did really well.

And my Sweetie loved it... did yours truly.

After that it was time for some tubing.

First up was Mr. Lego and our friend, H.

Next up was my Sweetie and A.

After hanging on for a few smooth turns, our host/boat pilot turned it up a notch and this was the result.

I had my fun in the sun with H, and we hung on until I thought my arms were going to get pulled out of my sockets.

Bookworm had a go; they did get tumbled but not on this turn below:

Through all of this the jet ski was making passes and jumping on the wake...

This next photo was before Mr. K took Bookworm and Dasher on a ride....

....and this is after.

I think it is safe to say it will be a couple of years before Dasher tries the jet ski again.

When we weren't on the boat we were in the water.

Playing in the waves from the jet ski....

 ....and doing flips into the water.

What an adventure! It was a great end to our summer and such a treat for our family. Thank you to the K family and to N & P for having us!


  1. How fun!! The Delta was pretty much right in our old backyard and we only went twice :)

    When my Dad had a boat, we would go out a lot, but he sold it for Motorcycle riding ;-)

    You took awesome pictures! looks like a really fun day.

  2. Thanks Stef! When we were out there I was thinking about you and how you lived near here. Having a boat is a plus if you lived right there, but I'll bet your dad is having more fun on the motorcycle. :-)

  3. That looks incredible! Makes me wish I knew someone with boats and jet skis and the like. :) The smiles on everyone's faces are just contagious.

  4. Thanks, Melissa! We rarely go out on a boat like this so it was such a treat for our family!


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