Camp Donuts

Camping is fun.

Eating is fun.

Why not combine them?

I tend to pick pretty easy and quick type meals on our camping trips....who wants to come home from the lake and spend an hour preparing food that has a 90% chance of having dirt and ash in it?

Anyway, this is an idea given to me by my chocoholic friend, Lisa. Who has been camping many times. Before we started camping a couple years ago, I had asked her for some fun and easy recipes and this was one of them. But like all recipes, the cook can change and tweak it to their liking, as you will see is what happens to this little morsel.

First you begin with those nasty, refrigerated biscuits. (Hey, if a little dirt doesn't hurt, than neither does a little partially hydrogenated oil.)

A hint: I keep these sealed in a ziploc bag in the camp cooler. That way when the ice starts melting, it doesn't soak through the cardboard container and get the dough all yucky.

You separate each biscuit into 4 parts. Each quarter gets rolled into a ball.

(You can see the remnants from a late night card game in the photo above too.)

Meanwhile, My Sweetie is warming about an inch of oil in a cast iron skillet on our camp stove. (The camp stove is my husband's domain; anything that sounds like it is a jet engine trying to take off while I am cooking on it, scares the heck out of me.)

When the oil is hot, the balls of dough go into the pan.

Meanwhile, I put powdered sugar and some cinnamon in a ziploc bag.

During the first batch, we usually have to take one out to make sure it is done.....and once they are all brown, they are put on the rack to cool.

Now the first time I made this I was impatient and only waited about 30 seconds before I put them into the sugar; they still had too much oil on them and got all sticky and then the sugar didn't I have found the best thing to do is to wait about 5 minutes.

This is hard to do, with about 25 campers breathing down your neck, asking if they are ready yet.

In they go.....

Shake the bag around and....

....there they are!

Then you do it all over again.


Now, this was when things started changing.

My friend S. V., who really likes to cook, came over and spotted a few Hershey Kisses on the table from the night before. Her brain was pretty awake that morning and she got the great idea to flatten each ball of dough out, place a kiss in the middle, then wrap the dough around.

These did not take nearly as long to fry, and after dumping into the sugar bag, were delicious.

This was a super sweet treat. And we all needed the extra sugar and calories, right? Of course we do....we're camping!

Camp Donuts


1 roll of refrigerator biscuits
1/2 vegetable oil (enough to keep the level in the pan at about and inch)
3/4 c. powdered sugar
2 T cinnamon (optional)
32 Hershey Kisses (optional)


Divide each biscuit into 4 pieces. Roll each piece into a ball. Or flatten each piece into a pancake and wrap a Hershey Kiss around it, being sure to completely seal the dough. When oil is hot, add a few dough balls to the oil. Turning a few times, cook until golden brown. Drain on a rack for 5 minutes; meanwhile combine powdered sugar and if desired, cinnamon in a ziploc bag. After donuts have cooled, place a few in the bag and shake until coated.


  1. They are really easy, Melissa and super fun treat when camping. This year (2012) we put a piece of marshmallow in didn't work because the marshmallow basically disintegrated. Next time we are going to try jelly donuts....


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