State Fair 2011

 State Fair for us has come and gone. Our State Fair is actually still going right lasts for 3 weeks. Youth rabbits are only the first week so that is kind nice for us, only having our rabbits there for 5 days.

We had the breed show before fair opened; I left my camera at home (I am trying to use it less), so there are no photos. But we did well; we took 1st and 2nd place in New Zealand Senior Does and 3rd and 5th in Senior Bucks.

The next day, the day that State Fair officially opened, was the showmanship competition.

Every year is different and this year had a couple surprises. The judge was lightening fast, only asking the kids to check ear tags, the teeth, and the underside.

Here is Bookworm, checking her rabbit under his watchful eye.

Then he asked a couple questions and moved on. He definitely knew what he was looking for and Showmanship was done in an hour. We did not place but the kids did a great job!

After that we were free to explore the fair.

The fun exhibit this year was insects on steroids. Big ones. Complete with sound effects and even one that blew out streams of cool air.

Next up was some rides. Our Fair does a Read to Ride program, where children can read two books and write two book reports and then get two free rides. A great deal when you have 4 kids.

Here is Nutsy with a friend

Later that day I took a couple kids and we manned the 4-H booth with 2 of our rabbits.

We ended that night with our annual pizza fest by the barn and fireworks at 10pm.

We spent a day at home recovering and then went back for one final day. It is really fun having animals at the fair.....anytime we want the kids can take their rabbits out and put them on the table for people to see and pet.

We went on more rides with more book reports.

Bookworm shared her ticket with Dad so he could go on Bumper Cars

Nutsy is fearless.....

....and Mr. Lego gave me one of his tickets so I could go on the Fireball with him....lots of spinning and going upside down. I loved it.

We went to my favorite part of the fair, The Farm.

Oh, I wish my garden looked like this:

One great thing about our fair is that you can bring in outside food.

Dinner was a bean and tomato salad I made with salami sandwiches.

And since we didn't have to buy our dinner, we got some treats....

Dippin' Dots....

A warm cinnamon bun....

and our fried treat this year?

Deep Fried Snickers.

We all voted that we liked the deep fried Twinkie better.

I saw this treat there. Come on friends, agree with me. This is NOT right.

Another year of fair is done. We learned lots and are looking forward to 4-H beginning in September again. And then it all starts all over again...


  1. This is a great write-up Charlotte! I think being involved with the animals makes all the difference. :)

  2. Kate, it does make a huge difference. We went to a county fair when the kids were really little and I was like, what is the point? :-) Having the animals there, participating in the competitions and understanding how everything works makes all the difference.

    And I will say that we like county fair much better for its smallness and the 4-H part; the only good thing about state fair are the exhibits and the farm.


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