Old Things in the Garage

A couple weeks ago I was looking for something in our garage and went through some of the boxes up on the high shelves. I have 4 or 5 large boxes labeled 'Keepsakes' and I thought then, that the next time we took some time off of school that I wanted to go through a couple of the boxes with the children.

Think about it. You put your old school yearbooks, letters, favorite toys and old photos into a box and store it away for years. And forget all about it. I did exactly that. Why do I keep it all if I never look at it, or periodically remind myself of my childhood?

So last week, the boxes came out and opened up in our living room. Out came the treasures.

First off were some of my momma's tea cups. 

Wrapped up amongst the cups were a few giraffes. My grandmother had collected them and I remember playing with them when I was a child.

And wrapped up in that box was a crocheted afghan, probably made by one of my grandma's.

She really was happy to be going through this stuff....I think I just caught her when she was blinking.

I found this candy dish made by my great-grandmother; and now it's time for a funny story:

My parents had this candy dish on a shelf in our hallway with candy in it. When I was 9 or 10 I got into the dish and ate a couple pieces of candy. They tasted weird and I felt guilty so I confessed to my parents and they told me that the candy in the dish had been in there since my great-grandma had given it to my mom which was when she was in junior high.....and if you're wondering I did not get sick....

And my kids got a kick out of seeing old schoolwork of mine...

I made sure to get down a box of my Sweetie's keepsakes; here is my husband's favorite pajamas.

And here is my high school graduation cap:

Another story: 

I obviously wore it for my high school graduation. Because I was homeschooled I got to pick the color of my cap and gown and picked purple. When my Sweetie and I were engaged he graduated from college and was going to wear the black cap that 5,000 other students were going to wear,. My mom thought of the brilliant idea to have him wear my purple one, so we could pick him out in the crowd. He did and we got to wear the same cap for our graduations! 

Can you see him?

Who knows, maybe one of my children will choose to wear it too!

He had his old yearbooks in the box which were fun to look at....

And if you knew my Sweetie in his younger years you will recognize this:

 We saw my birth announcement, baby book, some letters between my Sweetie and I before we were married, a couple crafts my Sweetie had made as a boy.....so many memories. 

This was a good afternoon. And it reminded me that I need to do this more often. Why do I keep all this stuff if not to share it with my children and give them a glimpse of my childhood? And what a blessing, to have some items to share with them. 

And I didn't put it all back; the girls cleared a shelf in our living room bookshelf where we displayed some of the tea cups and the candy bowl. To see, enjoy, and use.


  1. LOVE this! I laughed and teared up, all during this post. And those are my favorites :)

    The purple graduation cap made me LOL! What a champ for wearing that and yes, I could definitely see him, haha!

    His favorite pj's look SO in style right now. Can we say Nick and Nora?!
    I'm telling you, keep your clothes long enough and eventually, you'll be completely IN.

    I can't wait to be able to enjoy our keepsakes and memories with our kids. Such a fun day!

  2. Isn't that funny how things come back in style?

    And I love telling the grad cap story...my mom always had funny, crazy, good ideas and I miss her and her suggestions.

    You are the one that kind of gave me the idea when you got out your bridal veil a few weeks ago and let your girls try it on.

    Memories are important.... :-)

  3. This was inspiring and beautiful, Charlotte! I have the feeling when we move in a few months, I will go through a lot of memorabilia and do some reminiscing too.
    I love that you are able to share it with your children! (and us in the blog-world!)

  4. Thanks so much Melissa. Memories are so fun to share instead of leaving them in boxes.

    I have been thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers these last few weeks. Hugs, my friend. :-)


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