The Town's Tales

 Yesterday we studied Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales. We read a little about him and some selected, appropriate sections from the book. In his book, he wrote about 29 different people in Canterbury at the end of the 14th century, and what they did in the town. This work turned out to be a good insight into life in the Middle Ages.

So for their history assignment, the older children picked 5 different people you would find in a town, then wrote their own rhyming tale about them.

Here is Bookworm's assignment:

The Town's Tales

I walk over the hills
To a town not nearby
And I see friendly people
Who stop and wave hi.

Pastor's preach solemnly
They preach without the laughin'
Pastor's preach God's Word
And they don't preach in Latin.

A Postman throws letters
To house to house,
All day walking
With only a little mouse.

A Banker works at the bank
He records the money in a notebook,
He locks up for the day
In case someone should decide to take a look.

A grocery store worker works at a store
He sells meat,
Vegetables, fruit; any food even maybe
Some pigs feet.

A strict librarian is in the library,
She doesn't let you talk
Says she, "You can read the book,
But please, tiptoe when you walk."

All together, they make up a town,
But there has to be people
To do and buy the things,
All strong and feeble.



  1. Love the poem! She did a great job. My favorite part was about the librarian. =)


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