This Week At Our House

 Well, we are still working on our exhibits for fair so I will write that post next week. But meanwhile, enjoy some photos I took of this last week or so.

Mr. Lego reading to two girlies.

Nutsy, having a jello treat out of the same jello pan my momma used to make me jello squares in.

Warning: Do not play cards with Mr. Lego. He might have this one up his sleeve.

This is Bookworm's photo that she included in her buyer letter for the fair auction. Meet Uno, our meat rabbit.

Last week we went on a field trip to a nearby fish hatchery to see the trout and baby salmon. This was a really big fish they had there....

Then my sweet children made me two Mother's day cakes at the store.

Finally we hit the library....I am trying to only go there every two weeks, but then we will have a book due that is on hold for someone and we have to return it...oh well. Here is Dasher checking her books out.

Have a good weekend, everybody!


  1. Fun post, Charlotte! Nutsy is way too much a cutie. I can't get over her sweet face. And the picture of Mr. Lego reading to the girls - priceless! Ethan reads to Rachel quite a bit, but Kara loses interest too easily :)

  2. Thanks, Stef. After I posted this the kids were looking at it and reminded me that that book was "Eat This, Not That" from the library, and they were going through it, pointing at the stuff we eat...:-)


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