Monday Musing

What I'm thinking: A small miracle happened last week. I gave my broken camera to Mr. Lego's friend and low and behold he got it working again! (He wasn't exactly sure what he did.) I took it in that day to the camera store and they said it could work short term but was definitely dying. So I have been carefully choosing moments to photograph. I also bought a used older Nikon from my cousin to hold me over while I save up for a new one. God is good!

What I'm reading: I didn't really have any spare reading time last week and I can almost guarantee I won't have any for the next two weeks. So I'll share a favorite book instead of telling you what I'm reading....Wilderness Family by Kobie Kruger. This is a good book written by the wife of a game warden in South Africa. They lived out in the bush and got visits from spitting cobras, meerkats and a baby lion. Very well written.

What I'm listening to: My friend posted a song on Facebook - One Republic - and now I am listening to our You Tube playlist and Marchin' On is playing. I am thinking about doing Mog anyone?

What we're learning: We are moving onto Catechism question #45 in school this week, and in history we are studying the Inca's, Ottoman's and Constantinople, and Gutenberg and the printing press. The children are also reviewing their 4-H presentations and studying the rabbit manuals in preparation for showmanship and rabbit bowl.

What I'm watching: My Sweetie and I rented The King's Speech over the weekend. I really like that movie.

What's cooking: Tonight I am making a friend's recipe; Chicken Broccoli Pasta - a very easy recipe because we are going to be out a lot today.

What I'm buying: Today is my monthly shopping. We are doing schoolwork this morning, then heading out to Winco, Trader Joes, Target and Costco. I also need to get a matte for my photos for fair. Oh, and Dasher still needs a white skirt for her uniform....

What I'm thankful for: A dear young lady at our church is offering a sewing class to girls this summer. Bookworm loves to create things with her knitting needle and crochet hook, so this would be perfect for her. I am very thankful for friends who share their talents.

What I'm creating: I am not working on anything particular this week...this is our busy season right now. But I have some ideas for next month.

What I'm praying: That I would remember how faithfully God forgives my sins and that I would be honest in admitting them to Him. And that I would be encouraged that knowing his forgiveness is what brings me true joy and happiness.

What I'm planning: Friday and Saturday are the day that our non-animal exhibits are due at the fair. So I am making sure we are all ready.

What we did this last weekend: We had a nice relaxing Saturday. We went for a bike ride with all six of us on bikes. Yup, Nutsy was on her own 2 wheeler. So I think we might be retiring the bike trailer. Then Sunday we listened to a sermon on Psalm 32 and had friends over after church. Then back for our monthly evening service.

What I'm looking forward to: Getting everything done I want to get done this week! School, fair stuff, shopping trips, house cleaning, laundry....

A picture to share:

~These two can be so annoyed with each other one minute, and then be the best of friends the next. Obviously, this was a friendship moment.


  1. YAH! about the camera!!! =)

    Also, I have a TON of matting....what size do you need? Call me if you want some.

  2. I'm so excited I got you hooked on OR. GO ME! Hehehehehe. My kids are pretty tired of me playing their music and enduring my crazy dancing. LOL I still say we should don our matching Costco skirts for the Talent Show and do some sweet coordinated dance moves for it...LOL

    Had a wonderful time with your sweet family yesterday! Thank you! :)

  3. I can't give personal experience with MOG, but Grooveshark is one I use and really like. It's the same as LaLa only FREE. The bad is that sometimes the ads on the right aren't so good, and oh, don't make it a point to click on the "Popular Songs" list. :o Hm. So now that I probably sold you on NOT getting Grooveshark.... ;)

    And WTG Lego Kid!!! WOOT!!!

  4. @Leslie, I am going to call you later today about the matte...thanks!

    @Dawn, I have had trouble getting Grooveshark to work with our firewall. I love the idea that it is free though....I miss Lala so much. Thanks for coming yesterday. We loved hanging out with all of you!

    And I'll tell you who was the child that fixed the camera....JH K. Can you believe it?

  5. You know we love MOG. It has a lot of music, is really inexpensive, and has no advertising. :)

    JH was really happy to have helped in some way. I think it made his day! It showed me that I should not doubt a willing heart. :)

    We loved The King's Speech. Such a beautifully filmed movie! We just saw Taking Chance. I highly recommend it. Just watch with tissues.

    Love you!

  6. Another really good online music source is Pandora.
    :) -Abigail

  7. So happy about the camera!!! Yay! And we just watched The King's Speech this weekend too! Such a good movie - loved how it was filmed and it had a lot of wonderful humor that I wasn't even expecting.

    You and Jeri should figure out a time for us to get together and then tell me - it will probably work for me. We *must* get together! Hugs!!

  8. Thanks, Lisa! I'll talk to Jeri and see what would work. I miss you too! :-)


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