4-H Recap 2011

This year was another learning year in 4-H. (Aren't they all?) All three older children participated in 2 projects this year; Rabbits and Citizenship. Rabbits is self-explanatory but Citizenship....basically that project visited and toured historic sites in our area. You are a good citizen if you have visited them, I guess.

Here is the year in a nutshell...

We visited Sutter's Fort in the fall. We did a guided tour which was okay....a couple of years ago we went there when they were doing living history days and it was much better.

A month or so later we visited a nearby powerhouse. This particular one was not in use anymore so we could really see the big engine thingys up close. We really enjoyed this tour and would do it again.

Before Thanksgiving and Christmas our family helped out at the food bank, bagging up food and then passing it out to the needy.

This was an historic mansion on the tour list that we visited in the new year...very pretty inside and our guide let us go up onto the third floor where they were still renovating.

Around this time, Mr. Lego filled in as secretary for our club meeting. These are monthly meetings the children have to attend that are led by the officers in our club. All the children gave various project reports at these meetings throughout the year.

In the spring we visited our state's Capitol building. We enjoyed sitting in the House and Senate and seeing the governor's office door.

I didn't get any other photos from our rabbit project meetings this year except this one; at these meetings the children learn more about rabbit diseases, caring for rabbits, rabbit terms, and practicing their showmanship. Here, Mr. Lego is giving his presentation.

And finally, this last month we visited an opera house. The children got to sit in the balcony, go down below the stage, and see the costumes.

Checking out a dressing room....

I really like 4-H and encourage you to check a club out in your area. The speaking and leadership skills, plus the information they learn in the projects are a welcome addition to our homeschooling.

Our 4-H year still has some events coming; a couple more club meetings, of course the County Fair and State Fair too. Onward!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! And adventures in learning, too! :)

    I've awarded you the One Lovely Blog award! :D You can scroll down to the almost bottom of the post to see it featured...



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