The River

Last Sunday we went to our friends house. After stuffing ourselves with bean dip, cheese, bruschetta, good wine and gourmet pizza, we decided we needed a walk. So we waddled walked down to the river near their house.

I did not have my camera, (still saving up for a new one....) so the daughter of my friend took these photos.

First,a photo of my friend and I. She is a very sweet, encouraging, homeschooling mom whom I am so thankful God brought into our lives.

Here are the kids in the river.

I was reluctant to let them wade, but the day was so pretty and the weather so mild that I thought it was fine.

Here is Nutsy.

She was doing fine, so I took my eyes off of her for a few minutes. My friend's daughter had her camera on her at the perfect moment and caught this:

There she goes.

Another of my friend's daughters (she has 4 of them) came over immediately and rescued poor Nutsy.

Here she is walking home, a bit wet; but pretty much dry by the time we got home.

Another family adventure!


  1. How fun and peaceful looking! I remember going creek walking as a child and loving just walking through the water. There's something very comforting {to me} having the sound of the brook and then feeling the water running over my bare feet. Ahhhh.... :)

  2. I wish we lived close enough to a creek to walk to. And I love the sound of the water on the rocks too!


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