Our Garden 2011

We planted our garden a couple weeks ago...I had my monthly shopping last week and we have been implementing a new daily schedule so I haven't had time to write the garden post yet. But there is a quiet moment right now during lunch, and I see a couple quiet moments in my afternoon so I'll sit down and write this.

The week we planted I didn't have a camera, but the following week my dear friend let me borrow theirs so I went out and got a few shots:

This is my herb/perennial box. I have lavender and rosemary that came back from last year, and I planted strawberries, oregano, parsley and then basil, onions and lettuce from seed. You can see my comfrey plant to the right; this is a great herb that has many uses. It is especially good for broken bones and injuries and is sometimes called the 'bone knitter'. It comes back every year, so if you live near me and you ever need some, you know who to ask.

This is the vegetable box; or better named this year, the tomato box. We had 6 tomato plants last year and I still had to buy tomatoes from a nearby farm to do my Freezer Tomato Sauce. So I am seeing if 9 will be enough....the three on the left are heirlooms; Persimmon, Brandymaster VF and Red Pear, and the rest are hybrids. The space on the right might be for more lettuce or onions....we are planting seeds every two weeks so we can have a continuous harvest.

This is the deck. (You can see my artificial plants drying in the sun from my spring cleaning week.) In the Earth Box to the right are two zucchini plants, then in the two other square containers on the deck are two Japanese cucumbers. I made the mistake of planting mint in the herb box last year....that stuff is like crab grass. I still periodically go out and pull it up because it is such a nuisance but I didn't want to completely lose all the mint so we put some of it in the pot next to the long planter box. In the long planter box are the girls' flowers; they chose marigolds and alyssum this year. The pot on the bench has Mr. Lego's habanero peppers growing. And that is our garden! (That other shorter planter box in front is strawberries that I was babysitting for a friend.)

I am getting ready for baby greens, crisp cucumbers and those garden tomatoes that are so delicious!


  1. I love this!! You've inspired Jason and I to start working on ours. We had to wait for some sun and warmer weather and now that its here... you've motivated us! Thank you :)

  2. I am so glad, Stef! It is great too, having the kids that can do a lot of the watering and weeding. I would love to see pictures when you get it in!

  3. Beautiful, Charlotte. I love it. Reminds me how much I love the produce from my garden every year, and the daily rewards of weeding and turning the soil. Delightful.
    Not sure if I will be doing a garden this year or not... I hope to do at least a small one... but even if I do, I can't think about starting it for another month. We're still getting snow. ;)

  4. Melissa, your garden always inspires me....I do hope you will be able to have at least a small one for tomatoes!


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