Lots of people try to do resolutions this time of year. And while I am not too big on jumping on bandwagons and following the crowd, it is a good time of year to evaluate where you are, what your goals are and where you are headed. In the last couple weeks, I have been thinking about things that I need to do this year and things I want to do. A couple of them I have already started and others I am still trying to figure out how to implement.

Things I Am Changing

Bible reading

One of the new things I started this year is reading through my Bible. I went to this site and split the reading in half, so I am doing the whole-Bible-in-a-year-thing in two years. This equals out to about 2 chapters a day.


 Over the last couple years my 'loose' goal was to exercise 4 times a week. This turned into 3 times a week, most of the time. And then I never had a schedule as to what I would actually do when I exercised; some mornings it was aerobics, other time is was weights and when I was really lazy, it was doing the recumbent bike for five twenty minutes. So my new goal in 2011 is to exercise every week day, as in 5 days a week. I figure if I aim high I will get closer to the top, right? And I have chosen DVD's that combine cardio with weights, so I feel like I am covering all my bases.

Literature time

When the children were younger I was more faithful at reading books in the afternoon to them. We read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Around the World in 80 Days, Robinson Crusoe and Huguenot Garden. I want to carve out a half hour every school day where we gather in the living room and I read to them.

Things I Want To Try/Do.

Finish a knitting/crochet project

Another scarf does not count. Neither does the little crochet hook holder I am knitting; this project need to be something larger. Like an afghan, or sewing a skirt or finishing the 9 patch quilt I started 8 years ago. 

Try out my grain mill

It has been sitting in our garage, collecting dust, and I have a nice bag of wheat berries sitting in the pantry. I have all the ingredients, I just need to pull the thing out and go for it.

Bake bread. Good bread

Not just dinner biscuits or cornbread; this is the hearty, wheat, sandwich and toast bread. A few of my friends bake their own bread and I love how it tastes. I need to sit down, compare all their recipes and start experimenting.

Start my summer garden from seed

This involves planning ahead which I am sometimes not good at, but I really think we could save some money if I bought a packets of seeds for $1.29 and started my plants indoors, instead of heading to Home Depot and paying $3 (!) for one tomato plant.

Read good books

I still have those books on my sidebar that I put up way back in August 2009 that I want to read; and I am adding to the list. Bleak House by Dickens, St. Augustine's Confessions, and Mr. Mulliner Stories by PG Wodehouse.

The three big things at the top I am going to do; these other goals are ones I really want to do. Keep me accountable, friends! What are your goals for 2011?


  1. I'm super glad you did one of these! I love reading other people's New Year resolutions. Good luck to you! :)

  2. I love all your goals Charlotte!! I read a chapter (in order) from the OT and a chapter from the NT each day (or as often as I can) and that has really helped me stay consistent and not feel overwhelmed. I need to exercise 5 days a week too - wish we lived closer to each other so we could do some together! I did the 30-day Shred last Summer - it's a tough workout, but only 20 minutes and definitely makes you feel stronger and more fit. I had hoped to lose weight from it though which didn't happen, but you don't have that to worry about!

    You should crochet a baby-size afghan from really soft yarn as a gift! The smaller size means it gets done sooner and afghans are fairly easy as you just keep working back and forth and repeating patterns.

    I'm getting back on track with my reading too. I've actually been keeping up pretty well with my list and even finished off all but one of the books I still had on the list from last year!

    You can do these things Charlotte!! Just know that I'm working on many of the same things (no grain mill or gardening yet though).

    Hugs!! Love to you and your sweet family!

  3. Thanks, Stef. I am glad I did one this year too.

    Lisa, I miss you a lot too! Doing the baby size afghan is a great idea and I just found out one of my friends is expecting the end of the summer. I am also glad to hear you liked the 30 day shred - after doing it the last couple weeks I have been sore. :-) Thanks so much for encouraging me. We should get together at Jeri's place sometime!

  4. These are great goals, Charlotte! I am doing some of the same things. We will have to talk about it! :D


  5. Charlotte - getting together at Jeri's place sounds like a great idea!!

  6. Let's do it! The first or second week in February would work....I'll email you and we will plan it! :-)


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