Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: Right now, just about my day; how I need to muster up enough courage to go work out in the freezer garage, what needs to be done in school and that I need to remember to go out and get rabbit feed this afternoon.

What I'm reading: I picked up an interesting book from the library last week: A Slice of Organic Life. This looks like a fun read.

What I'm listening to: The question of the morning on our local Christian radio station. This morning it was this: What do a third of wives do that their husbands don't notice? What do you think?

What we're learning: This week we are learning the two Latin root words prae (before, in front of) and ad (to, toward), and then the older children are learning about primates in science. And since we have just finished the first semester in our history course, I am using this week to review what we have learned so far this year.

What I'm watching: Fog and dreariness outside. Although I must say that it makes for some beautiful photo taking.

What's cooking: I froze a ham bone from our Christmas dinner so this week I am planning to bring it out and make Split Pea Soup.

What I'm buying: During my errands last week, I forgot to buy the girls more socks. It seems like they go through socks like crazy...

What I'm thankful for: Forgiveness. That in my sinfulness, God extents unmerited forgiveness.

What I'm creating: Landscape shots for my photography assignment. There is a pretty park and greenbelt near us that I might visit later this week.

What I'm praying: My friend is having a couple big tests in the next couple weeks to see if her cancer treatments are working so I am praying that they come back with positive news; but ultimately that God's will would be done and He would be glorified.

What I'm planning: I am starting a new hymn this week in co-op, Eternal Father, Strong To Save; and I need to start lesson planning with it.

What we did this last weekend: We rented Despicable Me and watched it with the kids on Friday. I thought it was hilarious. Saturday we did some errands and things around the house. After a powerful sermon in church and then Sunday School yesterday, we went over and hung out all day with friends. I really love my friends.

What I'm looking forward to: We have our rabbit project meeting this week and then co-op on Wednesday. Then next week is going to be a bit different because we are going to be celebrating something...

A picture to share:

~Mr, Lego, filling in as the secretary at our 4-H club meeting last week.


  1. Did "Mr. Lego" enjoy filling in? He seemed to have a I'm-bored-out-of-my-mind look on his face. It will be fantastic if he is an officer next year. He'd make a good one!

  2. I know Denise, he did kind of look like that. :-) He did really enjoy it and would like to be an officer next year. I just need to decide if we can handle the extra meeting.... :-)

    Thanks for commenting and see you tomorrow!

  3. a Slice of Organic Life sounds very interesting! I'm gonna go check it out at Amazon :)

  4. So far it has been interesting. It is a general overview of the many ways you can live organic....there is another book out there that my friend bought that looked better and gave more specifics. I'll try to figure out the name.

  5. Stef, I think this was the one... It looked really down to earth and had lots of home remedy recipes and homemade things.

  6. Hmmm I don't know why my link did not work....the name of the book is Country Wisdom and Know How by Storey's Publishing.


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